7 Worth-Trying Christmas Pedicure Nail Designs

The holiday season is approaching, and you’ve probably already started planning out the perfect fit. You may not be particularly stoked about the decorations, the Christmas carols or even gifts, but we bring to you something that you just HAVE to be excited about—nail art!

As we grow older, the anticipation of Christmas slowly wears off, apart from getting that much-needed break from the office. But we bet this guide will get you energized again. Just as your moms and dads decorate your house, you can concentrate on dressing your nails in the most spectacular designs ever!

Don’t know where to start? Fret no more. We have shortlisted the top 7 Christmas pedicure designs that are a MUST-TRY this year!


Red sparkle nail color
Red sparkle nails

If you plan to really get in the holiday spirit, we suggest you go for the bold red lip and red nails. But we’re not just talking about those old, run-off-the-mill red nails, but red SPARKLE nails that add a little festive touch to your pedicure! We love this design because it’s as easy as it is sassy. All you have to do is, add some sequins or store-bought glitter to any red gel nail polish that you own. With every swipe of this new nail color on your nails, feel more glam than ever, and draw attention to your feet like never before.


Who doesn’t love a little contrast? We sure do! So we present to you the burgundy and pink nails design, which allows you to enjoy and flaunt both dark and light colored nail colors all at once! It not only looks awesome but is super easy to try.

You have to choose your favorite shade of burgundy and pink. Now you can apply the light color as the base color on your nails. Then dip a toothpick in the darker shade to create swirls on the pink color until you are satisfied. When you’re done, you’ll have candy-like savvy nails to show off to your friends and family!


Monochrome nails in red heels

If you want to imbibe a holy look this Christmas, we suggest you opt for these uber cool spiritual nails. We love monochrome, and that’s the color scheme we’re going for this holiday season that will match with practically any outfit you choose to wear.

To get started, you have to choose white and black nail color. Now paint your nails all black. Then use a nail remover soaked cotton swab to create a cross on each nail. Fill this cross with white nail color and your nails. You can even use the same method to make other spiritual emblems on the remaining nails. Ta-da! Your spiritual nails are ready to go!


If wine is your drink of choice this Christmas, say it with your nails! Yes, we are talking about the famous and festive rose gold burgundy nails that are a favorite this holiday season. The subtle hues of rose gold paired with the deep burgundy provide a great contrast that will draw attention to your feet, allowing you to show off your latest shoe purchase! Add French tips for that oomph factor.

With this nail color, we suggest you stay simple and classy. Paint one nail with rose gold and the other with burgundy, leaving room for your French pedicure. Repeat this process till all the nails on your feet are coated. This Christmas pedicure will elevate any pair of heels you wear.


silver and gold nails

Gold and silver is that classic combo that never goes out of style. No matter how worn down you’re feeling this year, this glittery paring is bound to cheer you up! Adorn the silver and gold nail pedicure this Christmas to spread joy with every step that you take! Use silver and gold nail color to paint your toenails. You can paint the nails gold and silver alternately or paint each nail half gold and half silver for a more unique look. Paint one nail black to ward off evil eyes! Pair this Christmas pedicure with black or red heels for your nails to stand out even more.


nail decals Christmas

If you’re not that fond of nail color or sick and tired of chipped nail polish, then you can try out nude nail decals this Christmas season! The good news is, you’ll find tons of designs that are to your liking, but this year, we suggest you opt for those that are in line with the occasion.   Nail decals last you up to 5 to 7 days, so you can flaunt your new Christmas pedicure on your dinners and brunches! Just make sure the pattern is properly transferred on your nails, or you’d be left with a faint color, that too when you’re trying them out for the first time.


Christmas pedicure

And, we saved the best for last! Since it’s the Christmas season, the most obvious and fun choice is to flaunt that Christmas pedicure in every true sense of the word! This is your chance to let your creative juices flowing, and use colors like red, white and green, that signify this momentous occasion.

You can add red and white stripes to your nails, reminiscent of a candy cane, or use a combination of all three colors for some funky nail art that will get you in the Christmas mood. One look at this fun and jolly pedicure, and we bet your Christmas will be merry!

Get Christmas-Y!

Whether you’re feeling Christmas or not, this is your chance to try out some nail designs that will literally get you in the mood to party. We have a Christmas pedicure for every taste and style, so you’re sure to find one to your liking. Try these fun nail designs out, and literally feel a spring in your step. This holiday season, let your feet do the talking!