Best Blue & Red Light Therapy Machines for Acne

What exactly is this Red light and Blue light Therapy that keeps pooping up in every glossy magazine and everyone keeps talking about it?  Can it really be that effective in treating acne scars? Research show this new advanced model of treatment known as the red & blue light therapy can treat mild to moderate acne.

How exactly blue and red light therapy works for acne?

The red and blue light therapy use wavelength killing the bacteria that cause the acne.

1.Blue light, according to Marine Nussbaum, M.D, a New York City dermatologist, is very effective in eradicating acne. Dr. Nussbaum explains that the blue light penetrates the skin’s pores and hair follicles that are home to the bacteria that cause acne.

The bacteria are known to be very sensitive to the blue light the shuts down the bacteria’s metabolism hence killing it. And it can also diminish oily skin, research shows.

2.The red light, on the other hand, is effective in reducing inflammation. The blue and red light, when used together, produce desirable results in the treatment of acne.

What’s also great about LED light therapy for acne, is that compared to other light-emitting treatments, this LED treatment can be done on any skin color.


What does research say:

  • The American Academy of Dermatology in their report said that light therapy shows great promise
  • According to this study on people with mild to moderate acne, who were treated with blue light therapy twice a week for five weeks in a row, reported that acne lesions were reduced by 64%. 
  • Research shows it can diminish oily skin.


How do the effects of Red & Blue Light Therapy compare to visiting a dermatologist?

An increasing number of blue & red light products have become available to treat acne at home. They are less aggressive than in-office treatments and are more convenient and cost-effective for those who want to do their treatment in the comfort of their own home without the help of a specialized dermatologist.

This saves one a lot of money that you pay as a clinical fee. The average cost of treating acne at a dermatological clinic is $50-$100 per session. In most cases, patients are advised to go for two sessions for several weeks for a couple of months.


How to incorporate Red& Blue Therapy into your current skin routine?

There are various activities that you undertake each day to take care of your skin. Some of the activities include moisturizing, cleansing and having an anti-acne skin care routine. 

In addition to these activities, one can use the Red & Blue light therapy machine for acne. The devices can be used together with other acne products for better results. If the acne is mild to moderate, light therapy is effective on its own without having to use other complementary products.

It is quite a relief knowing you can treat your acne without the risk of inflaming your skin or drying it out. Over the years, there have been various methods for treating acne.

One of the modes of treatment available is the red and blue light therapy. It takes only a few minutes each day or a couple of weeks to achieve a desirable clear skin. Dr. Nussbaum, a dermatologist in New York, highly recommends using the light devices in your daily skincare routine. Also, dermatologist Dr. Zeichner says that these devices can be used in collaboration with other acne products depending on their intensity.

Below are what we consider to be the best light machines for acne currently on the market for home use.

1. Tria Beauty positively Clear 3 Step Acne Skincare

products for acne

It is best to eliminate acne by getting to its roots. The device delivers wavelength into the pores and hair follicles to kill the bacteria that causes the acne by destroying their metabolism structure.

The kit that has this device has a foam cleanser, the blue light device, and a spot treatment solution that is recommended by a dermatologist. It is equipped with a skin contact sensor that helps to ensure that the blue light is only emitted when it comes into direct contact with the skin.

Usually, it is recommended that one uses this device two to three times each week. The device switches off automatically immediately after use.  It is recommended that you follow all instructions in the package for effective results. Always cleanse your face with the foam cleanser. Then dab the spot you want to treat with the spot treatment solution after using the device on your skin.

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  • It automatically shuts off after use.
  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • It is easy to use
  • It is portable due to its compact design
  • Has a skin contact sensor
  • ! It is not an instant treatment option
  • Does not come with protection goggles
  • 2. Neutrogena Red & Blue Light Therapy Acne Mask

    The Neutrogena therapy mask uses both the Red and Blue light wavelength. The technology of this device is similar to that used by professional dermatologists. The red light helps to reduce the inflammation. The blue light, on the other hand, helps to destroy the bacteria that cause acne.

     Using this face mask is safe as it causes no irritation. It also minimizes the appearance of any breakouts. The device is usually gentle to the skin. The device is user friendly and easy to carry around.

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    • It is very gentle on sensitive skin
    • It is user friendly
    • It is safe to use
    • It causes no mess when using it.
  • It is not an instant treatment option

    3. Silk’ n Blue-Acne Treatment Device with Blue Light Therapy

    It is time to clear your skin of acne and pimple using this device is preferred by most dermatologists. The silk’ n blue light helps destroy the bacteria that cause acne that is usually hidden under the skin. The blue light penetrates deep into the pores and to the root of the hair follicles and destroys the bacteria’s metabolism structure. It is suitable for those who have occasional recurring acne. The device is clinically proven; hence it is easy and safe to use. It uses a 415nm wavelength to kill the bacteria that causes acne.

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    • It has an inbuilt temperature sensor to help protect your skin
    • It is easy to use
    • It is portable due to its compact design
    • It is safe to use since it is clinically proven.
    • It has rechargeable batteries
  • Does not have an auto-shutoff timer
  • Does not come with eye protection goggles
  • It not an instant treatment option

    4. Baby Quasar Clear Rayz for Acne

    This handheld device is double-sided. It is used for both red and blue therapy treatment. It is a home device that uses the same technology that is used by professional aestheticians and dermatologists. The Red light is used to reduce the inflammation of the skin while the blue light aims at killing the bacteria that cause acne.

    The Baby Quasar Clear device using 660nm red light wavelength and 415nm blue light wavelength. The kit that comes with this device should include the following, protective goggles, a storage pouch, power supply the device, and an instruction manual.

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    • Comes with protective goggles
    • It is safe and easy to use
    • It is easy to carry around
    • It is safe to use on all skin types.
  • The warranty terms are void if the device is used outside the United States

    5. Foreo Espada Acne-Clearing Blue Light Pen

    home acne device

    The Foreo Espada uses 415nm wavelength to help treat the acne. The blue light penetrates the skin to help destroy the bacteria that cause acne. The wavelength targets, clogged pores, pimples, and blackheads. It is safe to use since it is clinically proven. It has a compact design that enables one to carry it around.

    Therefore, one can carry out the treatment procedure any time anywhere. Using this device is pain-free and causes no mess while using it. Before using this device, it is advisable to clean and dry the skin.

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    • It travels friendly due to its lightweight and compact design
    • It is long-lasting
    • It is easy to use
    • It is safe to use since it is clinically proven
  • The results are not instant.
  • In conclusion, red and blue light therapy machines are a revolutionary technique for treating acne. There are various devices available in the market that one can use to treat acne. They are clinically proven; hence they are very safe to use.

    It is prudent to read through the instruction manual before using any blue light therapy machine for acne and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t overuse it!