Beauty Tools to Practice Self-Care At home

Taking care of your appearance is not something superficial. You need to give it the necessary importance. For this reason, I will share some beauty tools for self care at home.

As people we tend to show how we are, if we value life despite its multiple trials or if we allow ourselves to be defeated. I have seen very closely how we abandon and leave ourselves in the background.

My philosophy is: you can’t give what you don’t have. That is why I say that the person who loves themself takes care of themself, takes time and considers themself well to give the best of themself. That is why I like to share beauty topics, so that people can pamper themselves and be better every day. Of course, this is only part of what we need.

How nice it is to have that balance! Take the time to read about all the beauty tools and their benefits so you can include it in your beauty routine, depending on what you need.

1. Pore ​​cleanser

If we have oily skin and we live in an area with contamination, we will surely have clogged pores and oil and dirt will accumulate in them. To clean them we can use our own hands, but we fall into the risk of leaving marks on the skin.

To always have our face in perfect condition and without spending a lot of money, we can resort to an electric pore cleanser. These ingenious devices work by exerting suction to extract all the dirt stored in the pores.

2. Cleansing Brush

The facial brushes with ultrasonic technology offer a deep cleaning of the skin thanks to the thousands of pulsations per minute, which they are capable of offering. They are very effective at removing dirt, oil, impurities and dead skin cells.

3. Hydromassage foot tub

The first thing we must do when we want to do a pedicure at home is to eliminate unsightly and sometimes painful calluses. These corns or calluses of the feet usually form on the heels, base of the feet or on the side of the big toe, since they are the areas that receive the most pressure from the footwear. Before starting to remove them with a file, it is important to soak them, in order to remove them better and faster. In addition, it will also help us to relieve sore or tired feet, and to comfort the muscles by improving blood circulation.

4. Electronic file for nails

If we want to save work by removing corns and calluses, we can choose an electronic file for nails. This at home beauty tool will allow us to get rid of them in a more comfortable and gentle way.


5. Manicure and pedicure set

You can buy a nail clipper, a small file, a cuticle trimmer, an ingrown nail lifter and other pedicure tools separately, but if you buy a set you will have it all gathered and organized in a practical case. Perfect at home beauty tool for your nails.

6. Pulsed light epilator

There is nothing more annoying than being aware of hair removal at all times, but with a system of pulsed light you will experience how your body hair weakens until it disappears.

We know that beauty tools are not exactly necessary, but the reality is that they do help a lot. Once you find a tool that you like, it will become your complement.