Simple skin care routine for your 30s

You’ll hear many different opinions and bits of advice on what your anti aging skin care regimen in your 30’s should look like. From sunscreen to anti-aging creams, you’ll hear about ingredients and their benefits. But can you really improve your skin in your 30″s in a simple  and affordable way? I often ask myself what is the best skincare brand, or what products are the best and then I realise is that everyone’s skin is different but there are skin care tips that works for everyone.

It’s possible to keep your skin healthy and young, if you develop a good anti aging skin care habit and use the right products for your skin type.

After seeing a couple of dermatologists and trying dozen of beauty products, these are the steps you should follow :

Step 1: Good Cleanser

anti aging skin care for mature skin

First of all, you should add to your ordinary morning and night routine a good cleanser.Finding and using the proper cleanser for you is very important as it’s what removes pollutants and other oils from your pores causing acne, uneven skin tone and textured skin. Many different products claim they do the job.

Gel Cleanser

If you’ve never heard of Mario Badescu, you’re about to (as they have the greatest skincare products).

Mario badescu good cleanser gel

This Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gelremoves make up, dirt, oil and other pollutants that our skin come in to contact with. This cleanser also contains papaya and grapefruit extracts which provide exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids. These acids thoroughly remove build up that can cause skin texture and clogged pores.

Everyone in the 30’s should also have a go to gentle cleanser that they can use on no make up days or if your skin ever became irritated and you just need to be gentle for a while.

Cream Cleanser

A great one to give a shot is La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser. This is a cream cleanser that helps the skin keep all the essential moisture that it naturally creates which is key for a gentle cleanser (not that it can’t also remove dirt, makeup and other impurities).

Micellar water

best micellar water

This micellar water from Bioderma Sensibio is my HG when it comes to removing makeup or dirt from my face. I use it twice a day, morning and evening.  This is the only cleanser I use for my sensitive/rosacea skin and I am addictive to it since I my dermatologist recommend it to me years ago. It cleanse perfectly the makeup, the dirt, and doesn’t dry the skin or leave any residue. It’s amazing for the sensitive skin because it’s paraben and perfume free. Hope it will stay forever on the market!!!


Step 2: Toner

One more acid that you should add to your anti aging skin care routine is L-ascorbic acid which is rather simple. It’s also known as vitamin c which is far more known than some long word. As many of us know vitamin c can be found in citrus fruits, but it can also be found in green vegetables. This, like the AHA, is water soluble.

best toner mario badescu

L-ascorbic acid is a skin soothing agent that helps fight the signs of aging.
This Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner contains great ingredients that you’ll be able to understand now. This cleanser is used as a mild resurfacing toner. Which causes brighter skin and a very even skin texture. Which is all we want in our 30’s. Some of the great ingredients in this toner are glycolic acid, grapefruit extract, and aloe. Both the acid and the grapefruit extract aid the skin in shedding, while the aloe restores moisture and balance.

How to use: After you cleanse your skin and remove makeup or dirt, you can apply your toner. I only use it in the morning, but not all the time. I would say this is optional.

Step 3: Chemical Exfoliation

Believe it or not, being gentle is very important, but it’s also important to sometimes help our bodies along. That’s why exfoliating is a key step in any skin care regime. Now, before you go searching for the latest and greatest exfoliator, let’s talk about what ingredients you should be looking for in an exfoliator.

There are many acids that are naturally produces in many different things. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) for example is derived from sugar cane, milk and grapes. This acid helps our skin along in the shedding process. AHA is made of water loving and water-soluble acid molecules and works great for anyone with sun damaged or dry skin. This isn’t the only acid well known for the great things it does for skin.

BHA (beta hydroxy acid) is an oil loving acid, so this would be excellent for anyone with oily skin as it treats for blackheads and whiteheads which are created by flaking skin and oil build up. BHA also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which is why it can break through all the dirt and oils that get into our pores and clean those right out.

How to use the AHA/BHA acids

best acne exfoliator

I personally use this cream from Noreva, for chemical exfoliation, twice a week, after i cleanse my skin with Bioderma sensibio water solution. If you are using for the first time these acids, make sure to start with one time per week. That’s how my dermatologist recommended it, to see how my skin reacts. I had no reaction or severe redness, so I am using it now, twice a week. This chemical exfoliation helps restore the skin cells from within and after a couple of weeks of using it, you can see an improvement of the skin. When you are exfoliating, you are removing the old skin and allowing the new skin cells to be fed with the vitamins from the serums and creams you apply to your skin. This Exfoliac Acnomega cream is good for acneic skin as well.

Step 4: Serums


I’m sure you also questioned yourself if you should use retinol in your 30’s or not and the answer is 1000 times yes!!!IRetinol is a fancy word for pure vitamin A. Retinol proved a firmer healthier look to the skin and helps to correct dull and/or rough texture. Your skin will have a younger looking radiance to it which is all everyone in their 30’s wants to hold onto.

best anti aging serum with retinol

PCA SKIN Intensive Clarity Treatment contains 5% retinolwhich works in tandem with other ingredients to provide exactly what vitamin A does. This clarity treatment will combat acne breakouts, oil production and inflammation due to the salicylic acid within their formula.

How and when to use retinol serum on your face: After you apply the Retinol serum, allow the skin to absorb it before putting your moisturiser. It needs at least 5-15 minutes, to be absorbed into the skin and to do its magic. It is recommended to be used once a day, in the evening.

It’s very important to use a sunscreen when using any retinol-based products to protect your skin from any harsh UV rays that might damage and pigment your skin.

Vitamins E & C

best anti aging serum skin ceuticals

You’d think we would’ve discussed all the good vitamins that we should have in our skin care routine, but Vitamin C and E serums are great to add in as well. Vitamin C and E serums are known to combat different UV damage. This combination of vitamins is the best-known antioxidant that fights UV rays.

shiseido serum for face

Shiseido Bio-Performance Lift Dynamic Serum is a multitasking sculpting serum that give our skins natural restorative powers a boost. This boost gives the skin a lifted, firmed and youthful look.

Step 5: Moisturiser

good anti aging moisturiser
best lancome anit aging face cream

Along with all these different ingredients and vitamins, we should all also be using a moisturizer. Moisturizers restore all the moisture that was taken by cleansers, toners and other products which gives our skin a flattering, plump look. Looking dull after washing your face is not the goal.Using Lancome Renergie Yeux Multi-Lift Lifting Firming Anti-Wrinkle Eye Creamwill provide some wrinkle repair that happens to everyone, at some point. Giving our eyes the care they really need will reduce the wear and tear that happens to our skin on a daily basis. This makes having an eye cream vital in your 30’s skin care regime.


Step 6: UVA/UVB protection- SPF

Now, let’s talk SPF. A lot of people wonder why sunscreen is so important. Well, it’s important because it protects our skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays penetrate deep under the skin and are known to cause wrinkling, premature aging and other damage that can happen to the skin. UVB rays are what’s responsible for our sunburns. It’s easy to see and feel the effects that UVB rays have on our skin. Both are capable of causing skin cancer. That’s why companies now make sunscreen products that are specifically made for your face.

best facial sunscreens for rosacea

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Clear Skin Sunscreen SPF 60 is one of them. This sunscreen provides a high amount of SPF, which is what protects our skin from the harsh side effects of UVA and UVB rays. It’s also not going to clog your pores, so check that off the worry list.


Step 7: At home anti aging devices



Now that we’ve talked about the importance of all these great ingredients and products, here’s one more. If you’ve never heard of micro needling, well buckle up, cause here we are. Micro needling is the process of using a tiny roller (covered in small micro needles) with a small handle attached. The needles do puncture the skin, which is why it’s important to read instructions and not to deviate from them. Now, how does puncturing the skin help you may ask? Well, when our skin is punctured it sends our collagen and elastin production sky high. Both of those work great for under eye wrinkles. Many people do these at home now, instead of paying a lot of money do get it done in a spa or salon. If we can have great skin care products at home, then why go somewhere?

Home Led Masks

Ok, time for a fun one, LED masks. This is a little complicated because there are so many options. Let’s start with what LED does for the skin. LED (like many other rays) penetrates the skin causing interesting intracellular and intercellular reactions. Similar to how plants react to the sun. There are three different types of LED masks that help our skin and they have different uses. First off, Amber light helps our skin produce more collagen and firms it up. Red light combats inflammation and boots blood circulation. Blue light is known to kill acne causing bacteria. There is some debate over the safety of purposely exposing our skin to these rays, but as long as you do your research on the product and follow the instructions, no harm will come to you. And look at all the benefits

At home anti-aging laser devices

For those of us who simply wish for flawless skin, free from blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines, at home anti- aging laser devices are the solution. Why? They are delaying the aging process. I did a top with the best laser anti aging devices, so you can check it and find more information about it.

For my fellow rosacea sufferers

One rather common skin care issue that (if you don’t have) you’ve heard of is Rosacea. Rosacea is a disorder that will mainly affect the skin on your face. It causes redness on the nose, chin, cheeks and sometimes, forehead. Rosacea could also cause red solid bumps and pimples.

best anti aging serum for rosacea skin

Honestly, as a rosacea sufferer myself, what I learned is that the best thing you can do if you suffer from rosacea is protect your skin with sunscreens and a good moisturizer. And SERUMS.My skin loves when I apply these two serums: in the morning I apply the one from Roche Posay Rosaliac AR Intense and in the evening I apply Paula’s Choice Resist Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum.

Zenmed makes a day and night moisturizer that also has SPF in it. Two birds, one stone. That’s always nice when we don’t have to have 1,000 products on our skin care to do list.

It can be hard, doing all this research and still trying to figure out what’s going to be best anti aging regimen for your 30’s skin. It is important to buy from the best lines and companies to ensure that your skin is getting all that it needs and, also, avoiding anything you really don’t want or need on your skin.

From the best cleansers to some interesting tools, there are latest anti aging products, available to include in your 30’s skin care routine.