What is the Best Shampoo for Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap is the common term for “seborrheic dermatitis” of the scalp in infants and the baby develops some red scaly or crusty yellow patches on the scalp which may spread over to other parts of the face and neck. There may be red and moist in skin creases and folds (like the neck and behind the ears) and they are scaly and flaky as well. As a mom, you might get panicked by the scaly looks from the uneasiness and irritation caused by it, but don’t worry it isn’t as it bad as it looks.

How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap

Like any mom on her first baby, I used to worry when my baby had cradle cap, but I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t worry as you can easily get rid of the cradle cap at home. Most cases of cradle cap go on their own, but you can do some home treatments, like:

  • Brush your baby’s hair, but do not pick or scrape flakes. You can use a new toothbrush with gentle bristles.
  • Hydrate your baby’s hair and scalp and it also helps in loosening the flakes. You can use some oil or petroleum jelly at this stage.
  • Wash your baby’s hair with shampoo. But make sure that the shampoo is tear-free and doesn’t irritate the scalp, and massage the shampoo greatly.
  • After washing the hair, you can also use a clean toothbrush to pick off the remaining flakes.
  • Apply some essential oil blends and prescription creams, but only on the prescription of your pediatrician.

Cradle Cap Shampoo to Try in 2021

Here are the amazing picks of the best shampoo for cradle cap that you can use without any worry.

1. Mustela Foam Shampoo

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Mustela is my favorite brand when it comes to skin care and hair care. I do have a sensitive skin, wich breaks easily but Mustela lotions always came to the rescue. So the Mustela shampoo is my best pick when it comes to choosing the best shampoo for cradle cap. It’s the most popular dandruff and cradle cap shampoo, and all is due to its ingredients:  99% plant-based ingredients making it safe and gentle on sensitive skin. Also, it’s tried and tested with complete effectiveness and is the best seborrheic dermatitis shampoo.

  • Best shampoo for cradle cap in 2020 and for sure in 2021 as well; it reduces the signs, symptoms, and redness of the skin.
  • Contains all the naturally derived ingredients and is free of Paraben, phthalate, and phenoxyethanol.
  • Such a lovely smell and is hypo-allergenic.
  • This cradle cap shampoo has BHA and Salicylic Acid to exfoliate away the flakes found with the cradle cap.
  • The formula is perfumed and is slightly expensive.
  • 2. Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo

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    Puracy shampoo is developed by specialist doctors and is free of harsh chemicals. It is made from all the natural, non-toxic ingredients. Due to its natural ingredients is suitable for the sensitive skin of your baby. You can undoubtedly opt for this one as it definitely reduces the cradle cap.

    • No harsh chemicals and includes only natural plant-based ingredients.
    • Has a slight light grapefruit scent.
    • Also, it’s suitable for all skin types and reduces cradle cap symptoms.
    • Can be used for cleansing the whole body.
  • It’s naturally tear-free but may cause irritation in the eyes, so be careful with your babies.
  • Compared with other brands, it’s a bit more expensive.
  • 3. Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy – Vegan Cradle Cap Shampoo

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    It’s a medicated shampoo that prevents flaking, itching, scaling, and other skin sensitivities. It does help in treating cradle cap and is proved to be free of side effects. This seborrheic dermatitis shampoo gives relief to children of all ages and all skin types.

    • FDA approved as well, so you can get your hands on this one without any worries.
    • Best vegan shampoo for cradle cap, cruelty-free, and also free of all the harsh chemicals like alcohol, paraben, sulfate, and artificial dyes and fragrances.
    • Reduces the flakes, scales, and the cradle cap symptoms greatly.
    • You can use it as a body wash as well.
  • It’s a little expensive than other normal shampoos. 
  • 4. Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment & Prevention Shampoo

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    This baby cradle cap shampoo gives instant relief from cradle cap. It’s a gentle treatment cradle cap shampoo so is suitable for your baby. You can also use this shampoo after the condition is improved and you are trying to maintain cleanliness and health. It has sodium lauryl ether sulpho-succinate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate that is very good for cleansing your baby skin.

    • Highly effective n treating cradle cap and maintain general scalp hygiene.
    • It also prevents the future cradle cap and is also gentle on skin.
    • Maintains scalp hygiene and contains medicinal ingredients which make it fast-acting.
  • It’s not tearing free and contains a light medicinal scent. 
  • 5. Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Shampoo

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    The Babo Botanicals is great for soothing dry and sensitive skin as well. It contains only natural products and is a certified pediatrician tested organic and vegan shampoo. Also, it’s the best shampoo for cradle cap in adults, so along with your baby; you can also use it if you are dealing with the same condition. This one is used by my husband and always had good positive results with it.

    • It is dermatologist, and allergy tested with certified organic products only.
    • It soothes and moisturizes the scalp and its patches, so the flakes come away easily with a gentle brush.
    • You can use it on dry sensitive skin as well making it the best shampoo for cradle cap in adults and for babies as well.
  • This cradle cap shampoo has not a very great smell.
  • Longer time to see results as it only contains plant-based ingredients. 
  • Conclusion:

    You can treat cradle cap easily at home with the help of the best shampoo for cradle cap. As a mom, I can understand your concerns regarding using the products on your babies, so here I have brought the only best shampoo that I have tried and worked wonders in our case. Give any one of them a try and please let me know how it went.