Top 5 Best Professional At Home Laser Hair Removal Machines 2021

For sure you all heard by now about laser hair removal(LHR). But how many of you are familiar with at-home laser hair removal gadgets? Would you consider invest in it? Is it worth it?Is it safe for dark skin? Can you get rid of hair permanently?

These questions came to my mind when I first considered buying one. After many tearful waxing sessions, I started to look for different methods to remove the unwanted hair. I was looking for something I can do myself, in the comfort of my own home and also to be budget friendly. That’s how I end up looking for best professional home laser hair removal machine.

If you are sceptic about their effectiveness and safety, rest assure. Dermatologists recommends it and many users as well. But which is the best at home hair removal laser?

E. Bernstein, MD, states:

‘I use what I KNOW works and what I trust, and that’s why I recommend the Tria for home-based laser hair removal. There’s no substitute for great science, quality and effectiveness, Period.” .

Dr. Dover, on the other hand, recommends IPL technology for a easier and faster treatment. The Remington i light is considered to be the best option in hair reduction due to its power to permanently destroy the hair follicle. More details bellow.

Remington Ilight pro vs Tria? Which one will work on you? Just check our reviews and buying guide, to find in which home IPL/laser machine you should invest.

If you don’t have the time to go thorough the details on each device, check the laser hair removal comparison chart bellow.

1.Tria 4X Best professional laser hair removal machine

best home laser hair removal

It comes in first place because of its long lasting and immediate results. It’s effective, easy to use and to travel with. You can take it anywhere with you and continue the hair reduction treatments. If you are looking for a gentle laser hair removal session with lasting and immediate results, then you should definitely buy the Tria 4x.

Recommended by dermatologists, the home LHR tria uses the same technology that is used in a professional clinic (Advanced Diode Laser).It’s cordless and ergonomic and has an finite number of flashes, of 90 000. You will also get a one year warrant for the device when you buy it from an authorised  seller.The cost of this professional laser hair removal machine is around $300.

Suitable for men and women

Tria laser is a safe choice for men as well, so no worries if the hair is thicker.The only difference is that men can’t use this device on facial hair. It is designed to work only on women’s facial hair, from cheek line downward.

Smart laser with advanced features

Believe it or not this device is built with an automatic lock if your skin is too dark. So if you try to use this device on a dark skin don’t be surprised if it will not unlock. It was designed to keep you safe!

  • Best seller on
  • Most effective home laser due to its diode laser technology.
  •  Long lasting results.
  •  The hair is removed up to 95% on almost every body area you use it.
  •  No replacement parts ( no ongoing costs).
  • Can be used on face and body.
  • Immediate results.
  • Highly recommended by various users.

  • ! Certain number of flashes, that would last around 60 full body sessions. After Tria 4x runs out of flashes, you’ll need to buy a new device, at full price ( kind of a bummer).
  • If you are not convinced Tria 4x is for you and want to know more about this device read the full Tria 4x review here.


    2. Remington Ipl I-light Pro Plus Quartz Face & Body Best IPL hair removal for sensitive skin

    This is my HG product for permanent home hair removal, for face and body. It works very well for on my sensitive skin. I, personally would rank it nr. 1 but I guess IPL is not for everyone because of the hair and skin type.

    From my personal experience, Remington IPL quartz delivers impressive results, but in time, so you need to be patient. Check my detailed review here.

    The IPL pulses emitted by the Remington ilight aren’t so strong as those from a Tria laser. I would say is more suitable for women than for men.That’s why my husband got along better with the Tria laser 4x than with my IPL device.

    The Remington iLight Pro is an FDA-approved system which uses the same technology as that used by professionals, where the intense pulse of light (IPL) heat up and disable active hair follicles. Because the iLight device works beneath the surface of the skin, the cycle of growth of hair follicles is ended and you will see results within your first treatments. Used on a regular basis, the device brings long lasting results.

    The device is corded, which compared to Tria 4x, doesn’t need to be recharged between treatments.

    UPDATE: Remington released a new device, called Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face & Body Hair Removal System. The difference between those 2 is the number of flashes, iLight Ultra has 65,000 of flashes per bulb, while the iLight pro plus has only 30,000. And of course, the technology used on the device is improved.
    • FDA- cleared to be used on men and women body hair.
    • Can be used on women’s facial hair ( please check your skin tone first and start with a low-level).
    • No need to charge it, so you can complete your treatment.
    • It is effective after just a few treatments.
    • Highly recommended by various users.
    • Skin colour sensor.
    • Covers large areas and the treatment it’s faster.
    • Less painful than laser technology (at least for me)
  • ! It requires cartridge replacement (read carefully the user manual on how to replace it).
  • ! The skin tone tester, in my opinion, should be placed on the handle and not on the base unit (it’s a bit hard to test some areas).

    3. Philips Lumea New BRI956 Prestige 2018  – The first IPL device with unique curved attachments

    Philips Lumea bri956 has won its popularity in Europe mostly,especially in UK  not so much in the US. Not sure why, though! In the end, it’s from a trusted brand, it’s made by Philips.

    Why did it got so popular and got so many good reviews?

    Uses professional IPL technology

    Philips hair removal was developed with the help of leading dermatologist. After more than a decade of research, Philips came with this great device for permanent hair removal at home for men and women.It uses an innovative light-based technology, which targets the hair follicle, to break the cycle of regrowth.

    Gun Shaped Design

    Most of the hair removal devices have pretty much the same shape, as a gun or hairdryer. The hold feels relaxed with a secure grip.. It’s easy to use, doesn’t weight more than 560 g.Can be used cordless or corded. When used corded, the flashes are faster and you can complete a full treatment, without having to recharge it at any point.

    Unique Curved Attachments 

    The device comes with 4 attachments for body, face, bikini & underarms.

    Don’t be afraid to use it on the facial hair, it was designed to do that.

    With the philips lumea face attachment, which is a small 2 cm2 flat window for precise positioning, you can easily do your treatment on your upper lip. The other 3 attachments for body, bikini & underarms are bigger and are curved, which helps you to ‘glide’ easier over the skin.

    How many minutes does a treatment takes

    Philips states that a full leg should take 6.5 mins. When it used corded it’s fastest, when it’s cordless will be slower, around 12 minutes. My British friend Clau said, it took her around 30 minutes to do her both legs, but she is a hairy one 🙂

    Skin Tone Sensor

    Philips Lumea Prestige IPL comes with an advanced skin tone sensor. It’s the small window above the flash window. The SmartSkin sensor, that’s what they named it, helps you to choose the best setting for your skin tone.

    If the skin tone is too dark It won’t flash and the ‘ready’ light shows red. That means your are not a suitable candidate for this device and it won’t work for you.

    Suitable for a variety of hair and skin types

    It works very well on naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair and on skin tones from very white to dark brown. It cannot be used to treat white/grey, red or light blonde hair and is not suitable for very dark skin.

    For more technical details and support you can visit

    NOTE: Please make sure this IPL device is suitable for you, by checking thoroughly the philips bri956  user manual. You’ll find details about contraindication and how often you can use the ipl hair removal device.

    • Futurists technology, it automatically adapts to your skin tone.
    •  100 day money back guarantee.
    • Smart skin sensor – suggests the best intensity level for you.
    • Can be used on face and body.
    • CE mark – meets EU safety regulations for home-use appliances.
    • More than 250,000 flashes, which is quite impressive.
    • Keep a track of you treatments with Lumea APP.
    • 2 years global warranty which is impressive.
    • Easy to travel with, you can take it with you in your holidays to continue the treatments, as long you don’t travel to a sunny place.:)
    • High praised by various users, is a best seller in UK
  • ! It’s quite expensive.

    3.1. Philips Lumea Comfort IPL – Affordable IPL hair removal system

    For those who prefer the brand Philips but are not willing to spend much on a permanent hair removal device, Philips Lumea might be the perfect option. The price is around $200 for this little guy. In terms of technology, the Lumea Comfort uses intense pulse light (IPL). The company states the IPL technology have been tested by more than 200 women, who had a 75% hair reduction, after just 4 treatments.

    Same as his ‘brother’, the Lumea device requires no replacement parts, and has around 200, 000 flashes which is quite alot. This will last at least for a few years of full body treatments. This device is highly praised by customers, for its results.

    The only negative comments were about the flashes, where people estimated the number of flashes would be around 100, 000 and not 200, 000, as Philips states.

    The downside is you can not use this device on facial hair, it can be used on legs, arms, bikini area, stomach, and armpits. Also, is not safe or effective on dark and light hair.

    4. Iluminage Touch -Safe for blond, red hair and dark skin.

    The first and only at-home hair removal device clinically proven and FDA-cleared to be safe and effective for all skin types and tone.

    The technology on this device is mind blowing – intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio frequency(RF) team up to destroy hair follicles, on all skin tones. This innovative technology called Dual-Wave Technology was created by the scientists at Syneron and Candela, the inventors of IPL. The same company also manifactures professional laser and hair removal products intended for professional laser clinics. Another reason to trust this home device and to give it a try!

    Which are the body areas you can treat with Iluminage?

    • Underarms
    • Face
    • Bikini
    • Arms
    • Legs
    • Abdomen
    • Shoulder
    • Chest
    • Back

    But how effective is the Iluminage Touch?

     When used correctly, the company states that:

    1. 46% Of all hair is removed after just two treatments.
    2. Up to 94% hair reduction after seven weeks ( not on light hair). Treat each area once a week.
    3. For light hair will take more than 7 weeks to see best results, so persistence is key.

    How does Iluminge Touch work?

    On dark hair– before the treatment you need to shave. Make sure your skin is clean and dry and start with a low intensity level. When you feel comfortable move to MEDIUM, and then to HIGH. Wait around 30 mins to check for any reaction.

    On light hair ( blonde, grey or red) – before the treatment you need to epilate or wax. Yes, WAXING! I know it doesn’t sound great but will help you getting the long lasting results you want so bad. You’ll have to epilate or wax away any new hair that grows before each treatment. The good news is Iluminage Touch comes with an epilator.

    Safe for all skin tones – no skin sensor needed

    I’m excited to see, finally, on the market a IPL device, which is FDA- approved and can be used on all skin types.

    This IPL machine it’s suitable for dark skin as well.

    • Only device suitable for light and red hair.
    • Dual-Wave Technology – IPL combined with RF (radio frequency).
    • Can be used by men and women.
    • Can be used on women’s facial hair.
    • Due to its large cartridge head, the treatments are faster and easy to use.
    • Safe to use on all skin types. And EFFECTIVE!
    • It’s corded, so no need for a battery to charge.
    • FDA- approved and CE mark (EU declaration of conformity to meet safety requirements).
    • 60 days period for a full refund.
    • 12 months warranty
    • Treatments done at home with Iluminage touch are cheaper than ones done in a laser clinic.
    • ! It’s a bit pricey, but when used by different people with different skin tones I think it’s worth it.
    • ! People with light and red hair, need to wax or epilate. Ingrown hairs might occur on short- term.

    5. Silk’n Flash&Go – Cheap home LHR

    Silk’n Flash&Go uses a patented Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology that emits gentle light pulses and target hair follicles. That type of technology worked for me very well for a while, but it took time. See the full review of the product here.

    My first at-home IPL hair removal session was made with this device. It is impressive how this ‘little guy ‘ has the power to reduce the hair. I had very good results with this one as well, but when I finished all its pulses I decided not to buy replacement cartridge but to go for a new product, the Remington one. The decision was made only because I wanted a device that could cover larger area and not because I was disappointed with the results I got with Silk’n Flash&Go. Also, you must know it’s quite cheap, so give it a try if you don’t want to spend to much money but still get the experience with a IPL device.

    In every review of mine, you’ll find a skin tone guide and hair chart, where you can check if the LHR device is for you or not. To achieve the permanent hairless skin that we all want, you must choose the right device for your skin and hair type. (I need it to repeat this last sentence because it is very important when you’re buying your home or IPL/ LHR ).

    • It’s budget friendly, it’s really a cheap permanent hair removal device
    • painless as it uses a HPL technology ( similar to IPL)
    • it is effective but it takes more time to see results
    • easy to use
    • suitable for face and body
  • ! has an ongoing cost – you need to buy replacement cartridge when the initial one it’s consumed
  • ! the technology is a little outdated, the device emits only 5000 pulses
  • 5.1. Silk’n Infinity 400, 000 laser- No cartridge replacement

    Click on the photo to check price on Amazon

    Silk’n keeps improving their permanent hair removal products, using innovative technology, eHPL™  technology – considered to be the most advanced hair removal technology for use at home. Check the video bellow if you want to know how to set up and use Silk’n Infinity.

    The technology makes this device suitable for almost all skin types and hair colours. Is the first product designed by Silk’n to remove blonde, red and grey hairs effectively if the skin tone is light enough.

    • Built-in skin sensor, to check if you are a suitable candidate.
    • Can be used on body and face, by men and women.
    • Free App to help you track your treatments.
    • Suitable for all skin colours and almost all hair colours.
    • With Pulse and Glide method the hair reduction sessions are faster.
    • Emits up to 400, ooo. You can always check how many pulses you have left with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.
    • When used at high level, at 5, the treatments are twice as fast.[/su_note]
    • None


    Home LHR buyer’s guide

    Choosing which device to buy might look like a simple task but it’s not. You must keep in mind these devices are using different technology and they have different features. For example Tria 4x is using laser technology while the Remington IPL Ultra is using intense light pulsing. Also, not all people can do treatments with laser or IPL technology on their skin and hair, there are contraindications. That”s just a few things you need to consider, before purchasing any laser or IPL hair removal machine.. Just keep reading the buyer’s guide.

     What is better, IPL or laser hair removal?

    There are many differences between laser and IPL hair removal. For starters, both treatments will disrupt the growth cycles of your hair follicles. They will, in this manner, reduce the growth of hair on your body without actively damaging surrounding tissue and organs. However, this is pretty much where the similarity between IPL and laser ends.

    Laser treatments are, however, more effective than IPL ( meaning the results are faster). The machines cost more and the efficacy of the treatment is much more faster. With IPL machines, and more people won’t understand this, is you need to be patient.

    The difference between these two hair removal processes lies in the technologies they employ and the type of light they use. IPL does not penetrate the skin as deep as lasers can, that’s why IPL takes longer to affect hair growth. Additionally, laser technology is more expensive and uses comparatively more energy.

    When you are purchasing a home laser hair removal, you need to keep in mind a number of features, such as how much time it takes to see results, how safe they are, easy to use, price, etc. When I wanted to invest in a permanent hair removal, I decided to learn more about technology of IPL & laser works on the hair follicle, in order to understand and take a decision. I remember I read all I could found about the topic, including user manuals, all their do’s and don’ts, tons of reviews online, started to compare the IPL and LHR devices and much more. It took me weeks!

    Is laser hair removal treatment safe?

    Both are safe as long as you buy a machine that is FDA – approved. Most products that are currently on the market, uses the same diode technology found in professional laser clinic. Still, they are tweaked to ensure that the intensity is much reduced to further lower the risk of burning or harming yourself.

    For your own safety, you need to buy some additionally products specifically designed for LHR. Believe it or not, the eyes can be harmed when you are treating on your face. Make sure that your eyes are covered with protective goggles. Please DO NOT laser treat anywhere around your eye socket, marked by the orbital bone.

    Always, follow the exact instructions found on the user manual of each device!

    Are you a suitable candidate?

    Before buying any home laser hair removal system please read the user manual of the device! You can find the user manual on each brand website. You’ll find important and detailed information about warnings and contraindications. You could be unsuitable for this type of hair removal because of lots of health and medical reasons. Not all people can use these devices. For example pregnant women can not use home laser devices. It is also not safe to use on an active skin condition like psoriasis, cold sore, etc.

    For your convenience, I’ll leave bellow the links to each device PDF user manual for you to check thoroughly:

    Tria laser instructions

    Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System user manual

    Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal device user manual

    What is your hair colour?

    The darker the hair colour the better. Laser or IPL works best on dark hair due to its dark pigment called melanin. The intense light energy targets it, heats it up and destroys the hair follicle. As simple as that! 🙂

    So if you’re the happy possessor of dark hair, you can choose one from all home IPL hair removal machines.

    If you’re hair is light blonde, red, grey than you have a couple of devices to choose from

    What is your skin type?

    The IPL/laser technology only affects the dark pigment on the hair and not on the skin, so if the skin is white there is no harm. The light doesn’t heat up the white skin, because is no dark pigment. But if the skin is darker, the laser and IPL’s technology also targets the pigment in the skin, and therefore the skin is harmed and might get burned.

    Use this chart to help you find out what skin type you have

    If your skin is between I- IV you can pick from all laser and IPL home hair removal devices. You can check my top 5 hair removal devices for further details.

    If your skin is dark, you have a couple of options from where to choose from. This would  be the a suitable device  for dark skin.

    After you wrote down your skin and hair type, and checked the warning and contraindication on each device, you can find your  hair removal machine in my best laser hair removal at home devices top.

    We hope you can find enough information to help you find the best hair removal system for you. Also, if you feel like  helping the community, you can share your own experience with permanent hair removal at home. You can do that by contacting us or leaving us a comment. And if you need any help, please write me. I’ll be more than happy to guide you in buying your own device!

    Final Thoughts

    You must know this type of treatment involves pain ( actually this varies from person to person, some say it’s painful some say it’s not). It also takes lot’s of time. You must be patient, in order to achieve this long lasting hair free skin. But it is totally worth it, you’ll be hair free for months and stress free.

    Keep in mind, not all home hair removal machines are designed to be used on face and body. Before purchasing any device, make sure it is designed to be used on the body area you want to treat. You might end up like me, purchasing two devices, in order to treat different areas of the body.

    But when you decide to purchase your own laser home hair removal device or IPL, you must check the skin tone guide and hair chart for each gadget.This small detail makes all the difference. You don’t want to end up with a permanent hair removal system which will not work on your skin or hair type. So attention to skin tone guide and hair chart!!