Best LED Light Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews For Home Use In 2021

What’s the first thing you notice when you meet a person for the first time? For me, is the smile. It just screams health and beauty!

But can you achieve that snow whitening at a decent price and not spend hundreds of dollars? For sure a good toothpaste and toothbrush are essential, but not enough. We did the research and found an easy and affordable solution for you to try in the comfort of your home, the LED teeth whitening kit. Why LED? It’s the latest technology used in white teething, which is safer to use than the UV( ultraviolet).

LED Whitening Technology has changed the way people think about teeth whitening. Safe, affordable and effective, these kits can remove teeth stains caused by coffee, tea, red sauce, wine and smoke from cigarette. These whitening kits are intended to treat these type of surface stains and not the ones that build up inside the enamel, due to aging or medications.
Cali White KitAura Glow KitCrest 3D KitMagic Brite KitMy smile Express Kit
1 x Universal Fit Tray
2 x Custom Fit Trays
Retainer Case
1 x Universal Fit Tray Whitestrips
No tray
2 x Custom Fit Trays1 x Universal Tray
2x 5ml Gel Syringes2x 5ml Gel Syringes10 x Upper Strips
10 x Lower Strips
5 x Whitening Syringes
2 x Vitamin E Swabs
3 x 3ml Whitening syringes
High concentration whitening gel- 35%
Clean ingredients
High concentration whitening gel- - 35%Hydrogen Peroxide FormulaUnclear the concentration of the gelMedium concentration whitening gel-18%
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But which teeth whitening kit is the best? Which one will do the job? We came with top 5 best led at home teeth whitening kits that will suit everyone needs. If you are looking for a cheaper kit or for a plant based teeth whitening product, check our top and decide for yourself.

1. Cali White – Best at-home LED teeth whitening system

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This amazing kit has a great whitening formula that clears out stains while being gentle on your enamel. The ingredients are organic and everything is non-GMO, vegan, gluten and kosher. That’s the main reason this is the best at home teeth bleaching kit. I am vegan, and I am always looking and supporting vegan and cruelty free products. It’s safe but also very effective in that it can whiten your teeth up to eight times brighter in as little as 7 days. 

 The tooth guard must be worn for up to 30 minutes per day, but it’s quite comfortable that you’ll soon forget about it. I always use it in the night, for about 15- 20 minutes, while watching TV. Keep in mind that it must be worn for 10 days for maximum efficacy. In the video bellow, you’ll find the exact instruction on how to use it.

The kit is well organized, you get one universal tray and two thermoform trays for a custom fit. Easy to fill the tray, as the gel comes already in syringe. I do recommend you use the moldable trays, to have the product tighter to the surface of your teeth. That way you won’t get the gel on your gums and you’ll see faster results.

  • Great for vegans and vegetarians.
  • All- natural ingredients.
  • Approved by dentist.
  • Excellent results without affecting my sensitive teeth.
  • Tooth guard is pleasant and hands-free. 
  • Easy to use and follow the instructions.
  • Perfect for sensitive teeth.
  • Built-in LED light timer. 
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case.
None. I love this kit.

2. AuraGlow – Best Professional LED Home Teeth Kit

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AuraGlow advertises dentist-approved whitening gel that promises a brighter smile. It allows you to get a professional-grade whitening with the help of high-quality LED lighting technology and a gluten-free, kosher whitening gel. The kit also includes a teeth guard which is made of silicone and can fit any size. I personally, still prefer a fitted guard.

One of AuraGlow’s major points is the high concentration of the whitening gel and the light applied on it, which intensifies the whitening and gives you quick results. It is one of the strongest at home teeth whitening kit. If this is what you are looking for, to get those pearly whites as soon as possible, without damaging your teeth, then this kit is the one for you.

  • Suitable for sensitive teeth.
  • Effective after the first use.
  • Removes the plaque as well.
  • LED light with timer.
  •  BPA free.
  • Professional kit.
  •  5 LED lights on the device.
  • No moldable tray
  • Users experienced gums sensitivity.
  • 3. Crest 3D White Whitestrips With Light-Best LED Kit With Stripes

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    Crest, one of the leading dental brands, has made a whitening kit that promises to remove up to 14 years’ worth of stains. 

    The whitestrips are made using an advanced sealing technology that wraps around the teeth, ensuring full coverage of the enamel. The LED light accelerates the bleaching process and leaves you with fresh-looking, white teeth that produce a radiant smile. This kit is perfect for those who are not comfortable wearing a tray in their mouth for around 30 minutes. The reason the Crest 3D is such a success is because using the stripes, is much simpler and less messier whitening solution. All you have to do is just simply apply the Crest Whitestrips on your teeth and for a faster and professional result, apply the handheld light device. The engineered blue light allows to penetrate the enamel surface and weakens the yellow stains.

    Same as with other kits, make sure to not get the gel on your gums. The whitening gel is very concentrated and can damage your gums. For me personally, is to strong on the teeth. I did use Crest Whitestrips in the past, had amazing results  but I got a temporary sensitivity in my teeth and I stopped using it.

    •  Advanced seal technology.
    • Recommended by dentist.
    • Very easy to use due to its curved design.
    •  Full whitening in 20 days. 
    •  Long lasting results.
    • Get results in just 3 days
  • May irritate gums.
  • The  bottom strips are too small.
  • Not the best whitening kit for sensitive teeth.
  • 4. MagicBrite Complete– Affordable Teeth Whitening Kit

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    At-home teeth whitening kits are a dime a dozen, but MagicBrite’s offering stands above the rest. Professional quality whitening results are guaranteed, at a very affordable price. 

     The whitening kit comes with five syringes for direct gel injections onto the tray and two vitamin E swabs. The gel works quickly and can cause visible whitening in just 10 minutes. There’s no icky residue or leftovers from the gel after you’ve finished using the kit.

    You can use the MagicBrite kit on sensitive teeth as well, but not on consecutive days. You need to wait 3-4 days between treatment.

    MagicBrite promises satisfactory results when you follow the instructions. And remember, correct fitting of the trays to your teeth is important, in order the gel to do its work. Also when you’re moulding your trays, make sure to not leave them for a longer period of time in the boiling water, because they can shrink easily. Again, just follow the exact instruction!

    • Works even if you skip days. 
    • Cheap whitening kit.
    • Shade guide to compare your teeth.
    • Great customer support.
    • Simple instruction to follow.
    •  Can give you results in just 15 minutes.
  • Unclear what the light technology is.
  • 5. MySmile 10 Mins Express Result– Best LED whitening system For Sensitive Teeth

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    MySmile’s gel contains 18% Carbamide Peroxide for ultimate comfort in sensitive teeth. The gel is not very powerful so that’s why many users prefer this whitening kit for their sensitive teeth. The included LED light has 5 lamps that speed up the whitening treatment. You won’t have to time it as the device will automatically turn off after the 15 minutes is up. That’s a great feature right there. And also is a vegan product, which I love. 

     Superficial stains and discoloration will be whiter with just one treatment. The only downside I can think of regarding this whitening system is the universal tray. I did find it to be quite large so it wasn’t a great fit for me. I still prefer the Cali whitening kit because has moldable trays.

    • Easy to use, easy to clean.
    • No harmful ingredients.
    • Suitable for sensitive teeth.
    •  Works on any refill gel. 
    • Excellent customer service.
    •  LED light device has a handy timer.
  • Results largely vary.
  • No moldable trays.
  • Not the strongest gel.

    How Does The LED Whitening Technology Work? 

     Teeth whitening products combine tooth-whitening staples such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide with LED technology. LED can display different color spectrums, but blue is often the most used for dental applications. 

     The bleaching agent breaks down stain compounds by altering their chemical structure, thereby effectively removing superficial stains and deep discoloration that normal brushing using ordinary toothpaste cannot achieve. 

     Blue LED light acts as a catalyst to accelerate the process, which makes it possible to get fast results in as little as a few days. In some cases, you can get visibly whiter teeth soon after the first application. 

    Are Teeth Whitening Kits Safe? 

     At-home whitening kits are safe as long as the instructions are properly followed. The technology used, the blue LED,  is harmless and safer than UV rays. The UV rays can cause ionization of the cells, which can lead to mutations and possibly cancer. For sensitive tissues (such as the one in the eyes and gums), it’s certainly better to use safer forms of teeth whitening technology. 

    Another important thing for you to consider for the safety is for you to not overuse it, or you might experience sensitivity on your gums and on your teeth.

    To maintain your teeth healthy, after a whitening treatment, you can use a remineralizing gel to return vital minerals and vitamins to your teeth.

    And don’t forget, you can use these kits only if your teeth are in good shape. And they should not subsituite your normal dental care, which is flossing, brushing your teeth twice a day, preferably with a good electric toobrush.

    How To Use Teeth Whitening LED 

     After applying the whitening agent (in tray or strip form), the device is turned on and held against one’s teeth. The LED light starts curing the gel and activates the whitening agents in the compound. The longer you apply the treatment, the better the results will be. Make sure not to get the gel on your gums, as they are very sensitive and can be easily damaged.

    Take the time to read the whitening kit instructions and follow them to get the best results. These at-home LED whitening kits do whiten your teeth and are worth trying if you wish to change the color of your teeth.