5 Highly Reviwed Shaped Desks For 2021

The L-shaped desk is the best option for optimizing space in a room. It fits perfectly in a corner giving the space the needed symmetry. The L design increases the surface area giving you more wiggle room for storage and work.

The L shape also makes the desk suitable for corner spaces. The desk should rest perpendicularly to the two corner walls. The desk does not cut off the room. It gives the needed privacy to concentrate on tasks. Most L-shaped desks can be oriented in any direction because of their aesthetics and finishing.

There are various types of L-shaped desks for different purposes. Here is a list of the top 5 best L shaped desks in the online market depending on the type of usage you want.

1. Best L Desk for Gaming – Mr Ironstone

office desk in corner

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If you are into gaming, then corner desks are an excellent choice for you. Mr IRONSTONE’s L-shaped desk is designed for gaming. It comes with 50.8 inches of top space and has a sleek black build with clear-cut edges making it fit in a corner space. It also comes with an optional saving monitor shelf and adjustable feet. The desk’s frame is made of MDF board and heavy-duty metal that is easy to assemble.
The desk space can accommodate all your gaming equipment without cluttering your space. Its light and airy design also provide ample space for cable placement. The 50.8 by 50.8 inches surface area provides ample room for you to host gaming sessions without any obstructions. You can get this desk for only $99.99.

2. Best ModernL Desk for Home Office – Walker Edison

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Walker Edison’s Alexa Curved corner desk is the best L shaped desk for home office space. It is exquisite in appearance with an opaque glass top and nicely curved feet. The desk can accommodate several monitors. It also has space for your CPU and your keyboard. The desk space can also accommodate a UPS.

For $104.92 you can get this corner desk designed to accentuate your home space. Its neat style makes it a statement piece. Although it fit on the corner of your room, it can also be stationed upfront because of its open design and pleasing aesthetics. The open space design, however, requires some creativity to hide the cables.

The desk is 29 inches high, 51 inches long, and 20 inches wide. It is also easy to assemble and sturdy. The glass top does not increase its fragility. It can withstand some pounds of weight. For gaming, you would have to join two desks to get the needed space.

3. Best L Desk for Executives – Sauder Harbor

wood executive desk

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If you are looking for an official corner desk, then this is your go-to furniture. It is one of the best L-shaped computer desks on the market. The desk can be oriented against a corner or fully displayed because of its perfect finishing.

The desk is made of recycled material but has a wooden feeling and coloring. It is 66.14 inches in height and length and is 30.28 inches wide, making it spacious for executive use. Additionally, it can accommodate multiple monitors, a CPU, and other official equipment. Your computer keyboard and CPU also has a designated space. It comes with three European sized drawers for additional storage.

The desk comes with grommet holes and little clips for cable management so that your office space remains clutter-free. The Sauder Harbor desk space can also be used at home as a gaming station because of its tremendous space.

4. Best L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk – Fezibo

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FEZIBO’s standing L desk is a piece of adjustable electric furniture usable at home or in an office. The desk gives you 48 inches worth of surface space that can accommodate a computer monitor, laptop, and other office accessories. The ample room also enables flexibility.

It has an electric lift system that adjusts the desk’s length from 26.7 inches to 47.3 inches. The length changes enable you to switch between sitting and standing. The desk has two sturdy feet made of still and an open design giving you more room to organize your space.

It can be fitted on a corner or displayed on any side of the room because of its design. For organization, the desk has a cable management tray and two sets of desk hooks. Furthermore, it is fitted with anti-collision technology, which adjusts by censoring solids to keep you from bumping onto the desk frames.

5. Best L-Shaped Desk with A Bookshelf

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For ample storage space, an L-shaped desk with a bookshelf is the best option. The bookshelf comes attached to the desk. It is also light and airy, with excellent aesthetics for storage. The shelf has five shelving units. The shelf size is 39.37 inches long, 11.81 inches wide, and 60.23 inches high.

The desk is adjustable and can be oriented at both 90 degrees and 180 degrees, depending on your room design. The desk is 47.24 inches long, 19.68 inches wide, and 29.92 inches high. It is made of wood that is 0.59 inches thick, making it sturdy. Although the desk is a bit technical to assemble, it comes with a user manual and requires patience.

The desk is not ideal for gaming because half its space is a bookshelf. It is, however, perfect as a home office desk.


There are many types of L desks in the market. Before purchasing one, analyze the desk’s use. If you are into gaming, finding a big desk with cable management is excellent for you. If you are looking to fill up your home office, an L desk with shelves is perfect for storage. On the other hand, an executive desk is perfect for your office. Regardless of what you choose, make sure the size and style match your needs and design.