Best lotions to Tighten Crepey Skin on Face, Arms and Legs: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

We all love the warmth of the sun, and that is why most of us can’t wait to hit the beach in our bikinis and shorts. While most of us understand the importance of using sunscreen, we often forget the sun’s effect on other parts of the body.  When you expose your arms, chest, legs, and other areas to the sun for an extended period, it starts getting wrinkly. With time, the skin will feel crinkly like crepe paper. The good news is, you can combat the problem with the products that treat crepey skin. But which lotion is the best for crepey skin? What is the best over the counter lotion to treat this skin condition? These and others are some of the questions that people ask when looking for the best lotion for crepey skin, either is for arms, legs or face.

In this post, we review the best lotion for crepey skin on face, arms and legs. We also answer common questions regarding crepey skin, like how to prevent it and what vitamins are good in combating crepey skin.

Best Lotions for Crepey Skin on Face, Arms and Legs in 2021

1. Extreme Crepey Skin – Body & Face Cream With Hyaluronic Acid

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The Extreme Crepey Skin Body & Face Cream is all the rage thanks to its extra-strength formula. This formula is a unique blend of key ingredients. They include hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, shea, Sachi inchi oil, and fruit acids. To ensure its effective, Diva Stuff doubled the doses.

As a result, the cream’s extra strength formula is effective against crepey skin. How you may ask. First off, hyaluronic acid moisturizes your loose, damaged skin while the fruit acids reveal a fresher skin. This leaves your skin looking young and hydrated.

Second, the moisturizing effects of the cream last for 24 hours. This helps to fight excessively dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. Lastly, the cream is paraben and aluminum-free.

2. Gold Bond Ultimate Strength & Resilience Skin Therapy Lotion

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This formula works great on crepey mature skin. Gold Bond brad has been on the market for more than 100 years, and has provided quality products since then. From baby’s first bath & powder, to eczema or psoriasis relief, to lotion for dry skin, Gold Bond has covered it all.

I had my first encounter with their products years ago, thanks to my mom. She was buying Gold Bond products when she was in her 30’s , and she still does it at 60 years old. She is using this lotion on arms, legs and neck and she says its the perfect lotion for her skin.

This product does exactly what it preaches – it plumps up the skin and gets rid of that crepey look. It has a pleasent smell and you can see the improvement within minutes after applying it. The price is just great for the amount they offer. This is her top choice for her mature skin, to fight the dry skin problems that age brings her in her life. I also bought this lotion for my husband, who always during the winter, gets a rash between his fingers, and this lotion solves his problem within 24 hours. I highly recommend it.

3. TreeActiv Crepey Skin Repair – Best organic cream for crepey skin

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What’s so unique about TreeActiv Crepey Skin cream? First off, it’s an anti-aging cream that feeds your skin. What you need to know is that it contains organic ingredients. They include Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.

The company packed so much goodness in the cream. As such, the cream moisturizes the skin and provides maximum hydration. It also improves the skin’s elasticity by boosting collagen production. Perfect for the face, legs, chest, and arms, the cream leaves your skin looking radiant in no time.

4. CeraVe Moisturizing – Best fragrance-free cream for sensitive crepey skin

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If you are searching for a barrier reinforcing moisturizing cream for your crepey skin, then this is for you. Formulated by qualified dermatologists, the moisturizing cream contains hyaluronic acid, a super hydrator.

Thanks to its fast-absorbing properties, the cream restores the skin’s protective barrier. Besides its fast-absorbing properties, it also features the MVE Delivery Technology. This technology releases a steady stream of essential ceramides and hyaluronic.

As such, it helps your skin hold on to moisture. Suitable for the face and body, this fragrance-free cream is ideal for sensitive skin. For those of you who want to accelerate the healing process and hyper moisturise their skin, you might also use a night cream. I personally prefer using the CeRave Skin Renewing Night Cream.Is the number 1 seller on Amazon, due to it’s powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and ceramics, which are the essential ingredients in nourishing the skin. This lotion works great on my dry atopic skin. Since it was recommended by my dermatologist, and saw really good results with it, I never stopped using it.

5. Medix 5.5 Argan Oil Cream with 24kt Gold –  Best tightener lotion for crepey skin

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Next is the Medix 5.5 Argan Oil Cream with 24kt Gold. 15oz. Specially designed for sagging skin, blemishes, and fine lines, this cream contains natural, pure argan oil. This ingredient helps to protect your skin elasticity. How you may ask.

It reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and skin blemishes. The cream contains Vitamin C and E, which reduce inflammation and protect your skin against free radicals. Free radicals are elements found in the body that cause damage to body cells leading to diseases.

What I liked about this cream is that it contains coffee bean extracts that purify your skin through exfoliation.

6. Neutrogena Hydrating Balm -Paraben- free affordable lotion for crepey skin

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As one of the best products for crepey skin, the body balm can turn your crepey skin into soft, supple skin. Best for dry skin, the balm contains moisturizing properties specifically hyaluronic acid that replenishes your skin.

Hyaluronic acid is the skin’s super hydrator. Since the balm is fast-absorbing, it boosts your hydration levels improving your skin appearance. If you have sensitive skin, this balm is for you because its paraben-free and will not irritate.

The balm also has a fresh, light scent that is not too overpowering. As such, you can apply it daily.

What Is Crepey Skin?

This refers to thin, finely wrinkled skin like crepe paper. What you need to know is that the condition impacts larger areas of the body.

In fact, it often appears around the inner upper arms, eyes, legs, and decolletage. Unlike wrinkles, which can be traced to aging, crepey skin is as a result of sun damage (UV rays). When you expose your skin to the Sun, the UV rays break down the elastin.

Why Do We Get Crepey Skin?

There are several reasons why we get crepey skin. One of those reasons is sun damage. As you already know, the skin has three layers – epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. Within the dermis, you have elastin.

Elastin are fibers that allow your skin to stretch and return to its normal position. As you grow old, elastin loses its ability to repair, which means your skin loses its elasticity. It also sags, becomes thin and wrinkles leading to crepe skin.

Another reason is aging. As you age, the skin produces less collagen and oil. The oils create a barrier that seals in moisture, protecting your skin. If your skin becomes dry, it can cause crepey skin.

Other reasons include fast weight loss, smoking, pollution, stress, and genetics.

How Do You Get Rid of Crepey Skin Naturally?

One of the best solutions that dermatologists recommend is hydration. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day hydrates the skin. This ensures the skin looks young and supple. Apart from hydration, dermatologists also recommend using all-natural, skin smoothing oils.

They include cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil. These oils help to trap moisture close to the skin, preventing your skin from drying. As you already know, skin dryness is a significant cause of crepey skin.

Another natural solution you can try is coffee masks. Coffee contains caffeine, which is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body, which accelerate aging. Besides the antioxidants, coffee masks also slow the decrease in collagen production.

What Vitamin Is Good for Crepey Skin?

Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins for crepey skin. It plays a role in collagen production. This helps to thicken the dermis fending off signs of aging and diminishing fine lines. It also leaves you with youthful skin.

Besides collagen production, Vitamin C helps inhibits the production of melanin. This helps to lighten skin blemishes, such as brown spots. It also enhances skin radiance and evens out your skin tone.

Lastly, Vitamin C repairs damage caused by UV radiation encouraging cell regeneration. What you need to know is that the daily recommended limit of Vitamin C for men is 90 mg and women, 75 mg. Since the body cannot produce Vitamin C, its commonly advised to get your Vitamin C intake from foods and supplements.

Foods rich in Vitamin C that help with crepey skin:

  • Oranges
  • Kale
  • Papaya
  • Sweet potato
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Tomatoes
  • Strawberries

Final Thoughts

We all grow old, but most people don’t know that they can age gracefully with fewer wrinkles and fine lines. To do so, we recommend using the best lotion for crepey skin on arms and legs. These products contain active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, and argan oil.

The ingredients work together to diminish fine lines and wrinkles as well as hydrate your skin. They also boost collagen production, which improves skin elasticity and keeps crepey skin at bay.

If you are searching for the best lotion to treat crepey skin, start with the products reviewed above.