Best self-tanner for beginners – The Do’s and Don’ts

Trying a self tanner for the first time can be tricky and challenging, at least for me it was. In order to get the perfect at-home sunless tan, I learned from my friend, a self tanning expert, that you not only need the best self’-tanning products but there are also steps you should follow, and to be aware of the do’s and don’t of self-tanning at home. Luckily for me and you as well, my friend is sharing in this article, her fake tan tips and the best self tanning lotion on the market in 2021.

1. Jergens Natura Glow Review – Best gradual self tanner

bootle of self tanning lotion

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This is the number one most sold self tanner product on amazon and is also the number one product recommended by my friend. Since the first application, you can clearly see a difference. The skin gets a natural color within a couple of hours, and the tanning process continues until the next day.

Now that you have that gorgeous tan, how do you keep it on for as much as possible? The secret to extend the life of your fake tan, is to apply the product in layers, gradually. You can reapply it again after 3 days from your first use, then once a week is enough or you get streaky.

Key Features
  • Gentle, harmless tanning method
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for fair skin
  • Pleasant smell
  • Easy to apply, thick and creamy consistency
  • The results is a beautiful natural color
  • Moisturise the skin due to its blend of antioxidants and Vitamin ELight

2. Golden Star Beauty Review – Best Self-Tanner for Face

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What I love about the Golden Star is that I can apply it quickly. It leaves NO stains, and it gives an illuminating effect to the skin. After a few hours, the color you get is fine and discreet, no orangey color whatsoever. It has a light texture, no greasy feeling after applying it and the smell is quite lovely, a coconuty smell I would say.

I use it in the evening and the next day I have a nice golden tan, and my face feels soft and hydrated. l clearly recommend, is the guarantee of beautifully tanned skin!  use it once every 4-5 days.

3. St. Tropez Water Review- Best Self Tanner Mousse for Sensitive Skin

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It’s a long lasting self-tanner, contains ALOE-VERA and 100% natural self-tanning agent, does not contain sulfates and parabens, the product is not tested on animals, total vegan formula.
I applied an adequate amount of product on the whole body and tan lasted about 3-4 days (keep in mind it’s not a dark version).
One main disadvantage of self-tanning foam St. Tropez is represented by the rather high price, which can discourage the purchase, but is an “must have” for sensitive skin!

4. Skinerals Mousse Bronzer – Best Organic Self Tanner

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This is my personal favourite product, mainly for two reasons: the formula has no harsh chemicals and it tans your skin in a healthy way, using natural ingredients like lavender oil, orange peel oil, and shea butter; This is a vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free tanning solution.

If you are beginner and have fair skin you should start with their light version and then build up to the extra dark option. I always use the light version and always been happy with the results I got. The color this product produces, is more like a gradual self tanner, which for me is perfect because I’m pale. I always go for a more natural look, and this product does its job.

The only downside I can think of this mousse, is that the tan doesn’t last to much, not more than a few days.

Key Features
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • Foamy mousse texture which dries quickly
  • Divine smell, like apple
  • Affordable
  • Great for pale skinned goes on evenly and smoothly
  • Perfect for sensitive skin (No irritations at all after using it)

5. Nuxe Huile ‘Prodigieuse’ Review – Best Golden Shimmer Oil

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Although this is not a self tanner, it totally enhances a base tan and provides you a health glow. I use it to enhance the fake tan especially when I have some major event to attend to. Believe me, the result you get, are just impressive. It makes you look like you stayed all day at the beach.

I always apply it immediately after showering for optimal hydration and I wait 5 minutes before dressing to allow the product to dry and absorb completely. It gives you that glamorous look you often see in beauty magazines. People always complement me about how good my skin looks when I use this product.

Key Features
  • Oily formula which is absorbed very fast by the skin
  • Divine smell
  • Beautiful and glowing look
  • Hydrates the skin thanks to its botanical oil

6. Collistar Concentrated Review- Best Self-Tanning Face Skin Drops

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After trying many products for face tanning, my number one favourite for an instant tanning natural look are still Collistar Self Tanners Magic Self-Tanning Skin drops.
I do recommend using self-tanner products specially designed for face tanning and a different one for your body.

Collistar formula contains the innovative compound DHA Rapid. Enriched with vitamin E and corn derivatives, promotes skin hydration and have anti-aging action. And it is suitable for all skin types.
I apply a few drops and it’s enough for my skin to instantly acquire a beautiful golden hue, which, in less than an hour, turns into a saturated and radiant tan. Plus it does not stain and it lasts, even when you do your everyday make-up removal.

Now let’s dive into the DO’S and DONT’S

sunless tanned legs
Beautiful tan achieved with ST Tropez foaming mousse

First, you have to know that the correct application of a self-tanner is essential for the uniformity of the obtained bronze (not to get an unpleasant shade and pigmented spots that are not at all esthetic).
Here are some tips for a self-tanner without staining:

 EXFOLIATE– the process of applying self-tanner should always start with exfoliation. If you don’t have a one, you can use shower gel mixed with coffee grounds. My personal favourite is Tree Hut exfoliator.

Important: if you plan to remove the unwanted hair, you need to wait 1-2 days until you can apply your tanning lotion.

 MOISTURISE – Applying a moisturising body cream (without oil) WILL HELP prevent the appearance of stains. It’s an important step if you want a uniform fake tan.

 MOISTURISE SELECTIVELY – Reapply a very greasy cream ( my personal favourite is Calendula Cream ) in areas where the skin is rougher, such as the knees or elbows and in problematic areas such as the wrists of hands and feet.

START from the soles – the application of the self-tanner must start with your feet, from the soles, and finish with the arms and hands.

LET THE SKIN ABSORB THE MOISTURISING LOTION – Wait 4 hours, after which you can start the application process. It is the right time for the skin to absorb the cream.

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS – Each products comes with his own directions on how to use it properly. So make sure to follow its specific guidelines on how to apply it.

 NEVER APPLY SELF-TANNER WITH BARE HANDS – ALWAYS use gloves before applying the tanning lotion. This will prevent you getting those funny orange palms at the end. If you’re feeling adventurous and start applying your tanning lotion with your bare hands, remember to always wash your hands after each application. You don’t want to look like Garfield.

 Don’t apply the self tanner twice in the same place – the skin will depigment too much!

Now that you know which are the best self tanning lotions, it’s time for you to choose your favourite and enrol on this tanning journey. Just follow these tips and you’ll be good!

Please let me know if you used any tanning lotions and which are your favourites, would love to know what your experience was.