Best Vertical Monitors to Buy in 2021

Computer monitors have significantly improved in terms of design and performance. Unlike before, where individuals bought bulky screens, today monitors are lighter and operate faster. People no longer use landscape monitors, which take a lot of space. Instead, they opt for vertical (portrait or rotatable) monitors.

A vertical monitor is useful, especially to programmers, coders, and app developers as it displays more code lines on a page. It’s an excellent choice for people who want to extend their screen without using so much space. With vertical monitors, text, pictures, and videos appear in broad and enlarged form on your screen, which makes them best for gaming, working, and watching.

But with various models available today, new buyers may find it hard to choose the best vertical monitor. It’s why we’ve written these reviews. Here are our top five vertical monitors to choose from in 2021.

1. Dell Professional P2217H Vertical Monitor for Programming

rotative monitor desktop

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Topping our list is this 21.5 inches best vertical monitor for programming. It enhances your productivity as it offers a wide viewing angle. Its slim borders allow it to create a clear visual experience. You’ll also appreciate that it offers full adjustability as you can adjust, tilt, swivel, and pivot your monitor. The model also includes several connectivity ports where you can connect your devices. And it comes with an auto mode feature allowing you to customize your app’s color setting.

2. ACER XFA240 BMJDPR Vertical Monitor

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The Asus monitor features a 24-inch screen and a 1980 x 1080 resolution. Its screen’s response time is one millisecond and comes with a 114 HZ refresh rate.  The monitor’s ergonomic design allows it to be titled, rotated, and swiveled. Also, its screen is TN panel supported and is compatible with G-Sync. This monitor delivers excellent visual quality and viewing angles of up to 170 degrees. Plus, it can reach 350 nits of brightness.

3. Asus VN279QL 27 Inch – Best Monitor for Writers

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This is the best vertical monitor for writing available in the market. It provides HD display, meaning texts and images will be crystal clear. It also has HDMI and VGI display ports, which make this monitor unique. It’s best for those who want a monitor for multi-screen purposes. It also features an aesthetically appealing design. And thanks to ASUS Vivid Pixel Technology, this monitor provides excellent clarity. You can also connect your mobile or any other device to it.

4. AOC E1659Fwu Portable LED Monitor w/Case

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If you’re looking for a versatile monitor with a low-cost display, this model is a suitable option. It is the best vertical monitor for gaming as it offers landscape and portrait modes along with excellent image quality. Its slim design and sleeker profile are also other things to love about this monitor. Plus, it comes with a wall-mount compliant feature, meaning you can hang it on the wall with the correct arm and bracket. Additionally, it comes with a flexible stand that can be folded, which allows individuals to use the monitor either in portrait or landscape mode.

5. Samsung SE 4550 21.5 Inch Vertical Monitor

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This Samsung model offers a wide range of impressive features and superior ergonomics. It uses less than 0.005W and true 0W watts in standby and off modes, respectively. It’s made from 30% recycled plastic. You’ll enjoy a full HD 1920 X 1080 resolution along with an LED backlight. Additionally, it features a slim design to occupy minimal space and included an adjustable stand that comes with pivot, tilt, height, swivel features, as well as a mounting capability. Additional features like Eye Mode, MagicAngle technology, and TN panel are included to help improve viewing.

Is Vertical Monitor Better for Programming?

If you’re a programmer or a coder, investing in a vertical monitor can a worthwhile investment. That’s because its source code is perfectly displayed on the screen. Hence it’s easier to read. Additionally, vertical monitors allow you to view more lines of code on the screen simultaneously.

Other advantages of vertical monitors are that they come with a good HD display resolution that provides excellent image quality and they offer different types of display options like touch screen, LED, LCD, and IPS. Additionally, with a large vertical monitor, one can display two separate windows on the screen hence increasing your productivity.


While screens that offer a widescreen ratio are popular, you’ll find vertical computer screens easier to use in some instances. For example, when you’re evaluating long documents or when doing some programming, it’s easier to work with a vertical monitor other than a digital portrait. So start hunting for your new vertical monitor now!