How to Get Rid of Wrinkles at Home: 6 Reversing Age Therapy

Being exposed to the sun for long hours can cause your skin to discolor and develop fine lines. In addition to this, continuous loss of subcutaneous fat as we age can result in the formation of wrinkles.

Well, keeping your body hydrated, eating healthily, and exercising on a regular basis can help slow down aging effects. Nevertheless, these measures cannot significantly get rid of the physical signs of aging. But no worries, there are nonsurgical procedures and medicinal remedies that can help stay younger, for longer.

Why does our skin age and wrinkle?

Wrinkling of the skin can be chronological or due to photoaging.

Chronological wrinkling of the skin is a natural result of getting older. The skin loses its elasticity as your body’s collagen production decreases.

Photoaging is premature wrinkling, often caused by uncontrolled exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays. Lifetime subjection to sunlight or other tanning sources will easily lead to this condition.

Thankfully, there are ways of dealing with skin regeneration. Here are five therapies to help get rid of wrinkles:

Anti-aging skincare products

These products are made through the combination of different elements that offer anti-aging solutions. They are of two main types:

  1. Those that treat and prevent the formation of wrinkles. The impact of using these products is felt for a long duration after usage.
  2. Those that minimize the appearance of wrinkles after application through processes like skin hydration. Their results are short-lived and depend on a consistent application.

Regardless of the type you choose, dermatologists recommend that you go for a product that has the following ingredients:

Retinoids: A derivative of vitamin A that stimulates collagen production, promote cell turnover, and help even out your skin tone

Peptides: Helps repair damaged skin

Antioxidants: It includes vitamins C and E that helps fight against free radicals

Hyaluronic acid, shea butter, ceramides, and other hydrating ingredients: Enhance and lock in moisture, and this reduces the irritating effect of the anti-aging ingredients.

Natural remedies

Natural anti-aging remedies are mainly natural herbs and oils that provide nutrition for your skin. They include extracts of Aloe Vera, wheat, honey, turmeric, cucumber, etc.

While most of these are applied directly on the skin, some can also be administered orally, like the Aloe Vera gel supplements and green tea. The latter contains antioxidants that increase cell turnover for battling wrinkles.

However, most of these natural products do not go through clinical analyses. Therefore, there are no proven tests as to their effectiveness.

Laser & IPL Therapy

Laser therapy or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a popular procedure that’s often referred to as light therapy, laser vaporization, or laser peel. This anti-aging treatment makes use of light energy to repair and regenerate skin cells. Sharp and concentrated rays of light are directed at the damaged skin, and this removes the skin layer by layer.

Typically, it stimulates the production of collagen, targets deeper wrinkles, and age spots. It can transform the skin completely and offers results within a minimal recovery time, where most people return to work in 5 to 7 days.


This method solves several skin-related problems using a rotating brush. It removes age spots, treats wrinkles, and repairs sun damages on the skin. New skin grows to replace the old one.

You may require one dermabrasion, but those with deep scars and wrinkles may need to undergo several sessions. The full results of dermabrasion are visible after a time between one week and several months.

Radio Frequency Therapy

RF therapy is considered as one of the most effective anti-aging remedies. It is used extensively in salons and thankfully in homes due to the amazing technology, to correct sagging skins by tightening the tissues around them.

This therapy works using controlled heat application to the dermal layers of the skin, making collagen to contract. The heat (usually between 50-70 degrees Celsius) stimulates the production of more collagen, which increases skin elasticity, making it firmer and rejuvenated.

The radiofrequency machines are now available in markets. Thus you can purchase them for home use. They use an electric current instead of light, which is suitable for all skin types.

Light-emitting Diode (LED) Therapy

LED masks are designed to cover the face and neck areas. They produce varying wavelengths of light that help stimulate collagen production and blood circulation.

One study found that using LED masks increased the repair and healing of tissues, which helps reduce or eliminate the fine lines or wrinkles. Their approval by the food and drug administration (FDA) means that they can be purchased for use in your home.


It can be challenging to maintain a rejuvenated skin as you age. However, with numerous home skincare and maintenance therapies within your reach, it’s possible to look better and younger than most of your age mates. Their effectiveness and results on your skin will depend on your persistence of use and how well you learn and follow your skincare treatment.