How to clean your jewellery at home: Homemade Cleaner

So you just got yourself some new pieces of jewellery, or perhaps you have some old trinkets in which you have not worn in a while. But how do you clean them? When it comes to keeping your sparkling jewellery nice and clean, there are several different methods to do this; from jewellery cleaner liquid formula to homemade cleaner.

Of course, the last thing you want to do is cause any damage to your precious accessories. Thankfully, several gentle cleaning methods are available that can be created in the comfort of your home. Below, we will discuss the different ways in which you can use natural homemade jewellery cleaner to keep your beautiful gems fresh and new.

Best overall natural homemade jewellery cleaner

We will first talk about the best way in which you can clean your jewellery. This method will leave your accessories, especially your gold jewellery looking like the day you bought them.

And you only need two ingredients which are available at home!

Warm water and washing-up liquid!

Using a clean, soft toothbrush is also very helpful, though it is not a requirement for this method. Follow these simple steps to clean your jewellery with this homemade mixture:

1.First, add some warm water to a bowl or dish of your choice. Take care when adding the water, and that is it not too hot.

Doing so may cause damage to your jewellery.

 2. Next, add some washing-up liquid to the bowl and mix it to combine. Ideally, you should use regular detergent and not a strong one, again, for the same reason above. Using a more potent liquid may scuff and damage the jewellery.

3. Add your jewellery to the washing-up liquid water and leave to sit for 15 – 20 minutes.

You can also leave it in a bit longer if the piece is filthy.

4. Once finished, pat dry with a clean cloth. You can also use the soft toothbrush here to rub the jewellery gently.

This natural cleaning method is the most gentle way in which you can clean your beautiful accessories. It doesn’t require too many ingredients (only 2!) which means that no damage will occur. After the cleaning process, if the pieces are not thoroughly cleaned, you can simply repeat the process until they are sparkling again. Simple!

Alternative natural jewellery cleaner methods

Naturally, there are several other cleaning methods that you can try to see if they work better for your needs. For example, if you are someone who has a range of rings, especially diamond ones, this method works wonders. Just like the method above, this requires minimal ingredients and is readily available at home or in the store. The solution here is to mix vinegar and baking soda.

Please note: This particular method is best used with silver jewellery and accessories containing diamond gems. Due to the vinegar, it may cause damage to other types of gemstones and gold, so take caution!!

1. Add half a cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda to a bowl and mix to combine.

2. Place your jewelry into the mixture and leave for about two hours. It is advised that

you also move the jewelry around occasionally, so it does not stay in one place for the whole soaking period.

3. Once soaked, take the pieces out and rinse them under a running tap with cold water.

4. Dry the jewellery thoroughly (but gently!) with a clean, soft cloth or dry toothbrush.

Again, when using the vinegar and baking soda method, just take precaution with what type of jewellery you clean. Since vinegar is acidic, it can damage your accessories. If you don’t trust this method, we suggest that you take a piece of the jewellery that is hidden from view and test it in the mixture.

Make your jewellery shine again with beer

Yes, you heard, right. And no, we’re not going crazy! This method has been proven to bring the shine back to your gold jewellery. Of course, this method is best used on solid gold pieces of jewellery, and not those that consist of gemstones. Because of the alcohol contained in beer, this helps to break down any lingering dirt residing on the jewellery, resulting in a beautiful shiny finish. The method only needs beer and dry, clean cloth.

1.Pour some beer onto a clean cloth, and massage the jewellery you want to clean.

2.Use a second cloth to dry the jewellery gently.

Simple, right? Of course, if the gold jewellery you want to clean is in desperate need of deep clean, you can also soak it in a bowl of beer for 10 minutes, and dry clean with a cloth.

You’ll be surprised with the final results! (Note: this should not be done with a dark ale!)

Overall thoughts

Many other methods have been tried and tested, including strange mixtures using ketchup, fizzy juice, and even vodka.

But the best way by far is using good ol’ soap and warm water.

And if you’re not confident about what method is best for you, you can always ask your local jeweller for advice and leave it to” bling” professionals to deal with it.