Are you thinking of getting IPL/ laser hair removal treatment anytime soon? There are a few things you need to consider, in order to be safe and to have an effective treatment.

Dermatologist dr. A. Reita states:

It is very important, prior to any laser or IPL hair removal session, to get the skin and hair, ready for the treatment.

So how do you get ready for a IPL/laser hair removal session at home? What are the post laser hair removal instructions? What cooling gel should you use after laser hair removal? How often can I use my at- home IPL device? Let’s dive into it and find the answers.

Do’s and Don’ts Before IPL/ Laser hair removal treatment

  • DO NOT USE your IPL device every day! It will not be efficient in removing the hair faster as some might think, but instead will be efficient in irritating your skin.
  • No plucking or waxing for a month before the IPL or laser treatment. This doesn’t mean you’re not allowed at all to remove your hair( that will be a nightmare for any woman). You can remove your hair ONLY by SHAVING.


  • Stay away from the sun at least 2 weeks before the treatment so your skin won’t get tanned. The darker the skin, the less efficient is the treatment. The whiter the skin, the better.
  • Do not bleach your hair before the procedure, again it will lower the efficiency of the device.
  • Before any laser or IPL session, I shaved my hair the night before or 2 days before. So don’t forget to shave! It is recommended the hair has a growth of 1 to 2mm.
  • Please use sensitive shavers for your face. The skin on your face is sensitive, especially around the mouth area.
  • Clean the area you want to treat and make sure you have no lotion or cosmetics on your hair or skin. You can wash it or clean it with a antiseptic wipe, it’s your choice.
  • Do use a numbing cream if you have a lower tolerance for pain ( some people use it, some don’t ).
  • No chemical peels for a 2 weeks period, prior to any laser/IPL treatment.
  • If you are on antibiotics, postpone your treatment. Because they are a photosensitive medication, they have an effect on your skin, by making it more sensitive to light. As laser is a light-based procedure, there’s a risk you’ll get burned or hyperpigmented.
  • You should wear protective glasses for laser hair removal. Even tough some people disapprove I would say they are a must. They protect your eyes and if the googles are used it in a salon clinic then for sure I’ll use it at home. They are not expensive at all.