Why choose a home ladder desk office

Working or studying at home is not always easy, I know from experience. Sometimes you lack space, you cannot find your ideal place and you end up with your laptop on the bed or on the sofa. But even if your house is as small as mine is, it is possible to create a workspace that helps you focus, feel comfortable and fits into your life, and what is better, that is as pretty as well as practical. What you are looking for might just be a ladder desk.

What is a ladder desk?

A ladder desk is a desk intended for writing or computer use that is attached to a ladder type bookcase, or a freestanding structure that includes a desk surface, as well as shelves or space for storing books and other items. The size, shape, and features associated with a ladder desk can vary significantly, and while some bookshelves can be purchased for home use, others are already built into a room as a permanent structure. The desk itself is usually quite compact and is used for writing or using the computer, while the bookshelf part can be small or quite large, depending on the model.

A shelving desk type looks like any other office desk, but has built-in bookshelves on top of the desk. This allows the user to conveniently store items nearby without having to leave the desk to access commonly used items. It is a compact version of the bookcase desk and is ideal for smaller spaces. Larger versions of the ladder desks can feature a taller shelf structure.

Why are ladder desks good?

A ladder desk is a good way to save space. It has built-in shelves after all. It allows you to have everything at hand and fits into any space such as the living room or bedroom in a simple way. You can take advantage of the shelf for stationery products or decorate it with photos and books that give it a more homely feel.

The best thing about these spaces is that when you finish working they can be part of the home decoration. They are extremely practical and have more space than it may seem. It is especially practical if you need a small desk but not every day, since you can use it as a shelf when you are not using it.

Perhaps, it’s the best known option to save space, and it is still one of the most practical. It’s a small table that can be placed in any corner, but with which you do not have to give up design.

Ladder desks options on Amazon

Which ladder desk should you get? These are some recommendations from us

1. Walker Edison Freya Urban


2. Eureka Desk


3. Nathan James Theo Ladder Desk

The desk is probably the most important part of the office, along with the right chair, where more hours are spent and more tasks are performed. Given the importance of the desk in the office, its choice becomes something of vital importance, both for the air you want to give to your office and for the way of working you want to establish.

A ladder desk is super useful to take advantage of every corner of the house with an home office set up in a small space. In a white hue, a home ladder office desk will harmonize with the rest of the furniture in the home and will allow you to save space and give the place another use. I highly recommend you get one, I know I don’t regret getting mine.