Top 5 Best Laser Eye Protections Glasses in 2021 Reviews

Light-based laser technology is a lot common these days in homes. From hair removal devices to cosmetic laser and light devices for acne, wrinkles and dark spots removal, laser technology has infiltrated the health and beauty industry. The technology is efficient too. It is marvelous how easy and smooth the skin feels right after a laser treatment.

Regardless of laser treatment’s efficacy, there are dangers associated with exposing your eyes to direct, reflected or scattered laser radiation. You need to get laser safety google if there is a remote chance to be exposed to radiated or scattered laser beams. Having a hairless body is great, but having sight is even better.

Do You Need to Wear Glasses when doing IPL/Laser home treatment?

There are many types of eye protection goggles, but not all block IPL lasers. IPL glasses effectively block IPL lasers. IPL laser hair removal glasses do not have a specific wavelength. It would be best if you had IPL specific laser safety goggles because regular laser eye protection goggles may not cover high intensity wavelengths like those found in IPL. The best IPL glasses protect you from 10% visible light transmission.

There are hair removal and skin adjustment devices that use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser instead of the one wavelength focused laser. IPL has a broad-spectrum wavelength window ranging from 590nm to 1200nm compared to laser, which has a single wavelength. It is typically assumed that IPL is not as bad as laser. However, IPL has the potential of causing irreversible eye damage, just like laser.

Additionally, your eyes have a lot of pigment structures that absorb IPL. When IPL hits your eyes, the pigment structures absorb it and damage your eyes. Therefore, as you use your laser hair removal device, you need laser safety goggles to protect your eyes.

Many brands produce IPL specific glasses, but only a few excel in the field.

Top 5 best IPL/Laser safety glasses in 2021

1. LaserPair IPL Safety Glasses 200-1400nm Protection Glasses Safety Glasses, UV/Laser Hair Removal Protective Glasses

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This eye protection gear is great for the hair removal process. Their broadband of light ranging from 200-1400nm enables them to filter both IPL, LED and UV radiation. The glasses only permit 10% of visible light, which is suitable for your hair removal process. Not only are they perfect as IPL hair removal safety glasses but also useful to technicians.

The glasses’ lens is made of permeable dye in hardened polycarbonate, which gives great resistance to breakage and prevents minor scratches from damaging the laser protection. The lens should not be cleaned with alcohol or alcohol-based disinfectant.
The glasses frame has a unique ventilation and protection system that protect your eyes from laser emissions all around.

2.Uvex Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens

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The Uvex Skyper glasses are an excellent choice for comfort and elegance. The pair of glasses protect your eyes from 98% blue light emitted by your hair-removing device. The glasses prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. The orange lens also keeps you from straining your eyes as you shave.

Additionally, eyewear has multi-angle viewing enabling you to sit, stand and stretch without exposing your eyes to harmful light. It also comes with an adjustable-length and Duoflex temples for extra comfort and proper fitting at the temple tip.

3. HDE Laser Eye Protection Safety Glasses for Red and UV Lasers with Case 

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The HDE laser safety goggles protect the eyes from light wavelengths between 400nm to 800nm because of the type of lasers they block. The lens is made of polycarbonate, making it difficult to break. It also wraps around your face giving you additional protection from the sides.

4. LaserPair IPL Safety Glasses

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The Laserpair eyewear protective gear is an excellent IPL hair removal safety glasses because it protects against intense pulsed laser. Their wavelength protection is between 405nm-532nm and 980nm -1064nm. The pair of glasses is built from quality material. They are also the same size as regular glasses providing the needed comfort without overwhelming your face.

5. QQ-Tech Goggles Laser Eye Protection

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The QQ-Tech goggles protect against higher wavelengths. They work based at blocking radiated or scattered 445nm to 532nm laser. Nevertheless, the lens does not filter infrared light when using green laser. They are also excellent for reducing eye strain when working with a high-intensity light.

Furthermore, they fit perfectly on the face, just like regular glasses. The well-designed hard case keeps laser beams away from your eyes, enabling you to work without worry.


IPL safety glasses are the best option for protection against hair removal devices because they cover a broad range of wavelengths between the low and high levels of the laser spectrum. You will not only be protected against IPL laser but also against UV, blue, red and green and LED radiation and scattered laser. Get an IPL safety goggles along with your laser removal device to reap all these benefits.