Does Makeup Age Your Skin?

A vast majority of women include makeup in their daily care routine to look more beautiful and show off skin with a special radiance. When makeup is used daily, it is normal for us to worry about the effects it can have on our skin. If you are also concerned about this issue and want to know once and for all if the makeup products you use contribute to your aging, read this article carefully. We reveal what you should take into account when it comes to answering does makeup age skin?

Myth or reality; Makeup vs Skin

This is a very common question among women, and it has to do with those that say that after some time applying makeup base they notice their skin becoming more aged and dull or also that this product accentuates the existing wrinkles more, making them more visible.

Well, as experts say, makeup does not wrinkle the skin or harm your health as long as it is of good quality. This aspect is key and really makes a difference, since, on the contrary, those makeup that have many chemical compounds in their composition can accelerate the aging of the skin and cause expression lines and wrinkles to appear prematurely. You must also take into account that these chemical substances saturate the pores, clogging them, thus giving way to the formation of impurities, such as blackheads, pimples, blackheads, etc. In addition, there are poor-quality makeup that lack a UV filter, so they do not keep the skin of the face protected against the sun’s rays, something that undoubtedly influences its aging.

The conclusion is clear, makeup can be a great ally to enhance your beauty, as long as the products you use are of the highest quality and as natural as possible. Otherwise, you will be contributing to make your skin look more aged, dull, lifeless and with impurities.

Does makeup ruin your skin over time?

Like most things in life, excessive makeup damages our skin. In fact, there are different effects that can affect our skin when we abuse makeup.

  • The abuse of makeup can accelerate the aging process. The appearance of premature wrinkles is generated when it is used in excess on a daily basis.
  • Remember that our skin absorbs absolutely everything we apply to it. So we must take care of the quality of the products that we spread on it. Do not forget that these chemicals accumulate in our body, so it is advisable not to use a large amount of makeup every day and, if possible, give your skin a break.
  • Makeup can clog your pores by inducing your skin to create the obnoxious blackheads that no woman wants on her complexion.
  • Using foundation, concealers, and very covering liquids without using a moisturizer before putting on makeup can dry out your skin.
  • The worst mistake we make and the one that affects aging the most is not removing make-up before going to bed.

The reality is that more than the substances it’s the habits we have when we put on makeup that damage skin. Keeping brushes dirty for more than a week tightens pores and causes blemishes, just as using too much powder or foundation can leave your skin taut. Finally, if you change some habits in your beauty routine, you can avoid premature aging.

Makeup that is better for skin

“Cruelty free” and vegan cosmetics and makeup are conquering more consumers every day, not only for their involvement with respect for animals and the environment but also for the benefits they bring to the skin.

  • Being made with natural ingredients they are ideal for all skin types, unless you have an already identified allergy, even for sensitive and intolerant skin it is a favorable option.
  • Active principles that the skin receives in its entirety without clogging the pores or creating irritations.
  • Cruelty-free, you’ll be helping and supporting the elimination of animal testing around the world.
  • Many of the vegan brands use recycled and collaborative economy materials, which promote awareness of caring for the environment.
  • Contrary to what you might think, as with foods, creams, serum, makeup and other “cruelty free” and vegan products, they are not expensive. In fact, there are high-quality products that are much cheaper than those of luxury brands.

Remember to always go to a dermatologist first before making any changes in the treatments you use for your skin

What to avoid in makeup

Makeup is a cosmetic product that women often use on a daily basis, especially those who manage to look more beautiful and radiant. The mistake of applying a lot of makeup is often made to cover wrinkles and imperfections since it is supposed to make us look more youthful, but the truth is that if we overdo makeup, it only makes us look older.

To prevent our skin from suffering from the aging problem, we have to take into account the realization of a facial routine before putting on makeup. This is very important because our skin has to be very hydrated before applying makeup. When we remove makeup, we have to clean our skin because it is important not to leave traces that can dirty the pores.

1. Choosing your base

With makeup bases we have to be very careful since they are very heavy textures, and this causes our skin to age instantly. To avoid this, choose light and fluid makeup. On the other hand, darker foundations make your skin appear wrinkled and leave a mask effect that makes the skin look puffy. What you should do is apply makeup of the same skin tone and avoid overdoing it in those areas where expression lines are marked.

2. Too much corrector

The most common mistake is this and it is the one that ages women the most. The skin over the years becomes more delicate and sensitive, especially the skin around the eyes, therefore if you apply too much concealer, instead of hiding the dark circles, what will happen is that you will highlight the wrinkles in the area. What you should do is apply it in the darkest areas and blend it very well.

3. Too much powder

If you put too much compact powder on your face you will make your natural shine disappear, this will give a more dull and aged appearance, therefore we must be very careful with this. If you want to avoid this, use loose powder and apply with a brush to the T-zone of the face (forehead, nose, chin). Do not apply it to other areas as it can accentuate wrinkles and give the skin a dry appearance.

4. Colored cheeks

Giving the cheeks a reddening effect makes our face appear fresher, but applying too much blush near the nose and cheeks will make our skin look aged. It is best to color at the highest point of the cheekbones in order to highlight the facial features. The color of the blush is also very important, pink colors and natural tones are perfect for youthful skin.

5. Dark lipstick

Lipsticks that are dark in color, such as vinotins, purples, browns, or deep reds, make your face appear older. This is a very classic mistake, to avoid it you should use lighter colors such as pink or nude.

Wear makeup correctly following the above mentioned rituals and forget about whether they age or not. If you are sure that you are applying it correctly, without excesses, complying with the “rules” of the corresponding order and cleanliness, you should not fear.

Remember it is not makeup that makes your face age. There are genetic conditions that favor it on the one hand and on the other, it is your habits that make makeup conspire against your skin.