No No hair Removal Device Review: Is it Worth the Money?

Since we became adults, shaving our body hair has become part of your life, for both us men and women. The problem is, getting rid of body hair on a constant basis it’s becoming a problem and can get frustrating.
Most of us are battling with bloody cuts and ingrown hair after using the usual razor. So how do we put an end to this?

A hair removal system based on heat technology might be an option. For those of you who want to try this type of treatment and in the comfort of their own home and not in a clinic, you can always try a home hair removal device.

Enter the No!no! 8800 Series hair removal system.
In our nono hair removal review, we’ll discuss the No! No! 8800 Series hair removal system and how it works. We’ll also reveal its features, cost, and much more.

What Is the No!No! 8800 Series Hair Removal System?

The No!no! 8800 Series hair removal system is a simple gadget that uses heat to remove body hair. This device uses the Patented Pulse Thermicon Technology, according to the manufacturer.

What you need to know is that the No!no! 8800 Series hair removal system is safe for all skin tones and hair colours because it does not target pigment like laser devices doBut please keep in mind that manufacturer states that their product doesn’t;t deliver the best results on coarse hair; or at least it takes longer to see the results.

Due to this, over 6 million No!no! 8800 Series hair removal systems have sold worldwide.

What Are the Features of the No!No! 8800 Series Hair Removal System?

The No!no! 8800 Series hair removal system has the following features:

  • Patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology
  • This patented technology uses the principles of thermal transference.
  • The gadget has a thermicon wire which gets heated when you power the device. As you glide the hair removal gadget over your skin, the hair follicles get damaged. In some cases, it crystallises the hair.

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Tip: After treating your body hair, use the buffer that comes with the gadget to remove the treated hair from your skin.

Treatment Levels

You can use the No!no! 8800 Series hair removal system to remove facial hair and hair on your arms. To help you achieve results, the device has three treatment levels.
You can select between the treatment levels by pressing the level button. With each click, the treatment level icon will increase by one bar. By selecting the desired treatment level, you can now begin removing body hair.

How the No!No! 8800 Series Hair Removal System Works

The No!no! 8800 Series hair removal system is a good solution for those who hate body hair. It has the following components: a guiding light, thermicon tips, tip socket posts, and a buffer.When you power the device, it heats the thermodynamic wire found in either the narrow or wide tip. As you glide the hair removal device over your skin, the roller and guide light alert you if it’s working incorrectly.

If the hair removal system is working correctly, the thermodynamic wire treats the hair follicle. After treatment, use the buffer to remove the crystallized hair.

What Should You Expect From the Treatment?

As you glide the device over your skin, you will experience a little warmth. If the heat becomes uncomfortable, take a short break. Besides the warmth, you will experience a mild tingling.

This is common for first-time users, especially when using over sensitive areas such as underarms. What you need to know is that the mild tingling will disappear after a few sessions of hair removal.

Does the No!No! Pro Work?

We just can’t ignore all the negative reviews this product has. So we can say it does not work on all hair types, especially thick/coarse hair. It’s challenging to glide the hair removal gadget through thick hair. If you try to treat thick hair, you will end up with the smell of burnt hair. Both the narrow and wide thermicon tips will not last when you treat thick hair. In fact, they may become damaged after using it for a short while.

In a review left by one Sheila T, she says:
“The device does not work as advertised, at least not for thick hair. It’s difficult to use on the face, and one has cuts on the lips and chin every time. I have been patient for several months, but I’ve yet to experience any improvement. If I use it on thick hair, the thermicon strips do not last long.”

Another reviewer who agreed with Sheila T said, “They say beauty is painful, but using this hair removal device is a bit too far. I would have tolerated the burns if the gadget treated thick hair effectively. Instead, this device left me with singed hair smell and no results. Definitely, this is not the best way to spend money.”

Other Reviews on No! No!


  • Despite the hair removal system not working on thick hair, it has positive reviews.
    One reviewer commented,”So at first I was very skeptical of this. I didn’t think it would work. Well it does. And I wish I would have tried it sooner.”
  • Others also commented as follows:
    “Removes hair quickly. Very gentle on the skin. Hair grows very slowly. And close to the skin. Very easy to use.”
    “This is the best it works 100 percent hair doesn’t come back for two to three weeks the best ever thing made save thousands of dollars in a year’s time.”
  • According to the NO NO website and their clinical studies, the device is effective and the results last up to 13 weeks:” With sustained use, the no!no! with Thermicon technology safely and effectively removed hair, independent of hair color or Fitzpatrick Skin Type, with no pain and lasting results (13 weeks)”


  • One reviewer said this about the hair removal system, “I’m very disappointed with this product. I bought it to remove unwanted facial hair on my jawline, but it’s difficult to use on curves. Even after several tries, it does not start as soon as it touches the skin. I have to roll it a couple of times before it kicks in. Not worth the money.”
  • Another reviewer commented, “First off, as many have pointed out, the smell is horrible. Second, I think the gadget does not work that well, especially on thick hair. I had to treat the same spot without results. All I ended up doing is burning myself. While I may keep trying, in my book, this is a dud.”
    No! No! Hair Removal Price

What is the difference between NoNo Micro and Nono Pro ?

There are two No! No! Models available for sale.

  1. The cost of a nono hair removal system, specifically the Micro model, is $129. In the package, you will find the No! No! The micro device, a large buffer, a narrow tip, a broad tip, a cleaning brush, and a user manual.
    You will also find a charge and storage case.
  2. The Pro device goes for $249.95. In the package, you will find the Pro device, which is slightly bigger than the Micro device. In the package, the usual accessories such as a large buffer, narrow tip, wide tip, cleaning brush, user manual, storage case, and charger are available.What you need to know is that both devices use the Patented Thermicon Technology to treat body hair. Also, both devices are cordless and TSA friendly.

What you need to know is that both devices use the Patented Thermicon Technology to treat body hair. Also, both devices are cordless and TSA friendly.

Is the No! No! Hair Removal System Worth It?

The No! No! The hair removal system is not worth it if you have thick hair. If you try to treat thick hair, it will take a lot of time according to the people who used it and even the producer admits it.. So decide first if you are suitable candidate for the device, before deciding to purchase and use it.

And lastly, embrace yourself with patience; it seems that you need to be consistent with your treatment to see any results.