The Nuface Trinity- Before and After Review

At-home skin care devices are gaining considerable popularity and maybe none more than the Nuface Facial Toning Device. This at-home microcurrent tool is claimed to dramatically tone, lift and sculpt the contours of the face in minutes. However, like most high-tech, modern beauty innovations today, you have to wonder whether it is too good to be true. So does the Nuface Trinity meet the top-rated reviews? Is it safe for all types of skin tones? I had to test it so here is my review.

The Nuface Trinity at a Glance

This is a hand-held small home microcurrent device that stimulates facial tissues. The device uses micro-current technology to send low-level electrical currents through the several layers of your facial skin to the muscles. It stimulates the underlying facial muscles to firm, lift and tone your skin for an enhanced youthful appearance. After my first session of using Nuface Trinity, I noticed a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, more sculpted cheekbones, and higher brows.

  • No skin irritation or pain
  • Great battery life
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Pleasant and soothing pamper time
  •  Clinically proved and FDA-cleared 
  • Face lifting results might take longer than advertised
  • Nuface gels are costly
  • Requires a high-effort start-up and maintenance schedule.
  • High intensities might leave a metallic taste in your mouth
  • How Does The Nuface Device Work?

    Nuface Trinity uses microcurrent expertise to send low-level electrical currents through the layers of skin on your face further down to the muscles to give them a workout. Nuface transmits a 400 micro-amps current with the help of conductive gel through your skin. The current is similar to your body’s natural bioelectricity, and hence your cells use it to make ATP energy to fuel the cell’s activities.

    This makes the energized skin cells create more firm elastin and collagen, refreshing and healing the facial skin and muscles. Similar to exercising the rest of your body, you will require to use your microcurrent device regularly to achieve and maintain the results. The more you work out your facial muscle, the more toned and film they will be for a more youthful appearance. It’s all about consistency. I think this is the key on most at home anti aging devices. The more consistent you are with your massages, the better the results.

    Nuface Trinity Before and After Results

    When I purchased this Nuface device I intended to tighten my 30ish years old facial skin. I know most of you will say when you are in your early thirties, the age signs aren’t so visible, but I think it depends by person and genetics and other external factors. In my case, the left side is more affected by aging, my guess will be due to my sleep patter, which is only on that side, So my  it was to improve the lost elasticity that is causing pre-jowls and frown lines.

    So got the device and started my treatment following the producer’ instruction. For the first three weeks, I don’t notice significant tightening or lifting like some claim, but my skin feels smoother and it does have a healthier glow. After two months of constant use, I saw dramatic improvement. Or at least in my case, but I was very determined to follow with all my treatments. I think this is the best my skin has ever looked in my thirties. It feels smooth, firm, and looks tighter. But I think this is also due to the quality serum I’m applying every time I use the device and the anti aging cream.

    My facial pores look even smaller in four months of constant use, and I can notice a tighter jawline and lifted mouth area. I don’t have the preeminent pre-jowls, but the skin is still bugging under the chin; a minor double chin looking to pop put any minute now 😀

    Now it is time to focus on the sagging skin. The funny part is the side part of my face is saggier than the right one. Don’t know why, but maybe is because of the way I sleep or have no idea so I always insist on my left side with any type of treatment.I use the device on my face five times a week with extra concentration to hold it under the jawline and chin. So after 6 months or so, I have a healthier glow and my jawline on the left side, got more defined. However, I did not notice significant improvement under the chin sag. Maybe because it was not that prominent in the first place. Anyway, here are the before and after photos. The jawline is back, people! 😀

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    Bottom Line: Is The Nuface Device Worth It?

    Definitely yes! Nuface Trinity is effective in restoring the good health of your skin and get a youthful look. However, I recommend using it only if you are committed to using this pampering but time-intensive self-care device consistently. I like how smooth, tight and healthy the device has made my skin, and I can now leave the house without insisting on putting too much makeup. A concealer and a lipstick will do.

    However, it takes longer to notice the results, and you may require to do more than five sessions weekly, depending on your aesthetic needs and skin type. So, if you are not ready to commit time for regular sessions, this device is not for you.