Philips Lumea Review – Pro’s and Con’s

Does the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal device really work? Have you tried it? These are questions I get quite often, and I’m actually amazed about how popular this device became lately. And there is a reason for that, it’s because the Philips Lumea actually works! I, personally, haven’t tried it, because I own a Remington 6000 and my husband a Tria 4x. But my friend Clau, from the UK did. (somehow, the Lumea is more prevalent in the UK than Tria 4x). She bought the device a while ago, and she was kind enough to share her experience with us, so this is her Philips Lumea Review.

If you want to know the immediate answer that I’m sure you’re looking for, if the Philips Lumea works on removing the unwanted hair, the answer is YES.

But for the device to work in the first place, the most important thing for you to know (if you don’t it know already) is to make sure you are a suitable candidate for using the device, meaning you have a specific skin tone and hair color.

Now let’s dive into the review.

How did I end up buying the Philips Lumea? Well, simple. Been wanting to give it a go to the IPL hair removal treatment for a while now, because I’ve been dealing with ingrown hair all my life and it can be very frustrating. I tried all lotions and shaving methods, and still didn’t solve the problem.

My dermatologist recommended to get professional IPL hair removal treatment, which I agreed too until she told me the price, around £3,000 to treat several hairy areas. That was a deal breaker for me. Started to look into other methods, and that’s how I came across to at-home laser hair removal machines and the hunt begun; looked for so many products and read so many reviews, and ended up with buying the Lumea device.

Why Philips and not another brand? Numerous reasons actually.

First would be the price, the Lumea IPL machine, cost around £300 in the UK and can provide the same results, if you are using it properly and reguraly.

Second all the positive reviews that backed up the device actually WORKS and third, because no replacement bulbs, like Remington IPL device requires. Ohh and also I got a little discount on it, so I think that mattered as well 🙂

How did I use IPL at home?

I’ve been using Philips Lumea Prestige IPL hair machine on my legs, for a month now and I have completed one programme. I have used the machine plugged and got the intensity assement for my skin. This is a Philips Lumea feature, where you get a recommendation of the level you should set your device, based on your skin and hair color.

Before using the Lumea, legs must be hair free. So don’t forget to shave before proceeding with the IPL treatment.

Is IPL painful?

Having fair skin and dark hair, the one recommended for me was the 5th level of intensity, which is the highest. Got a bit nervous, thinking it will hurt badly, but to be honest, the treatment itself is not painful. All I could feel was a small pinch; Maybe a 1 or 2 on a discomfort level. Not sure its because I’m a badass 🙂 or the treatment itself, is not painfull. Ohh, and I haven’t used a numbing cream; like most people use while doing their IPL hair removal sessions. But bare in mind, I used only on my legs, and now I’m doing my hands (to keep updated).

How long does an IPL treatment take?

The Philips Lumea is really easy to use so in 30 minutes I was able to do both legs; Yeah, unbelievable, I know!
Philips has an app that can be installed on your phone, which helps you to schedule the IPL sessions for the area you want to treat next.

I find the app to be very useful to tracks your hair removal sessions and love the fact they send me reminders.

What are the actual results with Philips Lumea?

There is clearly an improvement after the two first sessions; the hairs grows thinner and most of it its gone as seen on the photo. Please bear in mind this is not a permanent solution, but it does provide a hair reduction and a slower growth of the hair.

Hope you can clearly see how good the leg looks, after a month of regular use of Philips Lumea

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Now let’s dive into the Pro’s and Con’s of Philips Lumea

  • Great long lasting results, it can take months until you need to worry again about your hairy legs
  • Way cheaper than professional IPL
  • The machine can be used cordless, practical use
  • Faster, cleaner and less painful than waxing
  • Got rid of the ingrown hairs
  •  No more waxing sessions for me
  • The hair is not completely gone
  • The surface that actually pulses the light is quite narrow so somtimes I was wondering whether I covered an area or not. If you go again over an area the pinch is worse and this is how I knew that it was done already.
  • Towards the end of the session the machine gets hotter so is recommended to start first with the more sensitive areas.
  • Overall I am happy with the machine, and although I am not hair free there I totally recommend it. It is a good investement. Have you tried any at-home IPL device? What was your experience?