Best Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Realisticly, very few people are born with perfect, tight, flawless skin. Most of what you see in the real world is the result after someone has had a complete makeover and the likes. However, before you opt for plastic surgery, here are a few skin tightening machines that will pique your interest once you find out what they can do.

Sure, creams may provide you with a little lift. Derma-rolling could achieve even better results. However, using a radio frequency skin tightening machine is the best non-invasive option that you can ever hope for. In this article, we’ll cover the five best skin tightening machines for home use with you in 2021.

Technology has improved a great deal since the first RF machines the size of ATM machines were invented. As newer generations of RF skin tightening devices flood the market today. And the best thing about these machines is that you can use them at home. Yes, AT HOME. Of course, you may not get immediate results as you would in a spa or doctor’s office, due to its alternative treatments the professionals use and their powerful devices. But with patience and consistency, you’ll never have any regrets.

While several RF skin tightening brands are currently available on the market, some devices are just outright better than others. And for that, we compiled a list of the top 5 best skin tightening machines for home use at the most affordable prices.
Let’s get to it:

 5 Best at Home Skin Tightening Devices 2021 to Buy

1. Portable Panda Box Bipolar RF Radiofrequency Skin Care Machine

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Our best-ever first choice is The Portable Panda Box, which looks more like something suited more for a dermatologist than for home use. Still, this RF skin tightening device is one of the best in the market today and for many reasons. For one, it’s one of the most powerful options you can find today.

Not to mention, it’s super-easy to use and contains multiple levels of intensity. Therefore, you have the luxury of choosing your preferred intensity and a timer to monitor your treatments. You never have to worry about overdoing your skin tightening treatments again with these two features installed.

The Portable Panda Box is excellent for working both face and body skin. Manufacturers recommend that you move the probe in slow, circular motions on your entire face for 30 minutes and repeat the treatment every 10 to 15 days for the best results. Do this for five sessions, and the results will just wow you!

• You can use it in the body
• It comes with a bigger stimulus head for the body surface
• Has two different heads for the probe

• Some users have complained of its wand cable not connecting correctly to the machine.

2. MLAY RF Radio Frequency Face Lifting Beauty Care Device

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Our second-best pick is the MLAY RF skin tightening machine. Here’s another machine recommended for home use by most users. MLAY RF Radio Frequency skincare machine is best known for its skin lifting and tightening properties. It’s also perfect for removing wrinkles on the skin.

You will also notice that several dermatologists and beauty experts use MLAY RF Radio both professionally and at home. MLAY manufacturers also claim to have the safest radiofrequency skin tightening devices. They use the latest bipolar radiofrequency technologies available. And the before and after results are amazing.

Therefore, you can use it, knowing that it doesn’t leave any dents on your skin. Its built-in temperature sensors also help in keeping your skin in perfect condition for the best results.

• Painless and long-lasting
• Safest RF skin tightening machine
• Results within two weeks
• Great for use both at home and professionally

• Kind of pricey compared to the other RF skin tightening devices.

3. NEWA Skin Tightening Technology

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Here’s another innovative anti-aging skin tightening device that delivers exactly what it promises. This NEWA device is based on 3DEEP technology. To mean that it provides optimal energy to your skin, thereby creating the perfect conditions for the skin tightening process.

Even the FDA has tested this anti-aging skin tightening device and approved its sale and use as an over-the-counter home-use device. Its clinical performance testing only makes it the best skin tightening device to use right now. After all, it’s passed every clinical test it’s been subjected to.

It’s definitely worth a shot trying out this skin tightening machine to enjoy its many benefits:

• Very popular
• Good quality-price ratio
• Featured by fashion magazines
• Ideal for face and neck area
• Clinically tested and FDA cleared.

• Some buyers have complained about poor customer service
• Cannot be used on the body.

4. TriPollar STOP X High-Frequency Facial Machine

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The TRIPOLLAR is another big name with a long-standing reputation when it comes to manufacturing skincare products. And the TRIPOLLAR Stop X High-Frequency machine is no different. In addition to being a comfortable device, this device also has a practical design that makes it relatively simple and easy to use.

For optimal results, manufacturers recommend that you use this skin tightening machine 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks. You can use this to get the best results with regular treatments of between 2-4 times a month.

Most users commend TRIPOLLAR for its skin rejuvenation effects. And that’s evident in the thousands of positive reviews and customer feedback from the over a million units it has sold worldwide.

• Very popular
• Delivers professional-level results
• Excellent customer support that quickly responds to customer queries
• Most customers claim that it’s a little too pricey
• Not FDA-approved
• Designed just for facial treatment.

5. Sensilift Skin Tightening Device

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Finally, is the Sensilift Skin Tightening machine. It’s also very simple and easy to use and has proved to improve collagen production and skin elasticity significantly. Sensilift also works with RF technology and uses it to penetrate skin tissues and heat collagen fibers to stimulate the production of new collagen production.

This skin tightening machine has a thermal sensor that adjusts the machine’s power to ensure optimal temperature. Sensilift RF is also FDA-cleared, making it a safe radiofrequency skin tightening machine that’s excellent for home use. It’s strictly designed for facial use only and isn’t suitable for treating larger skin areas.

• Very popular
• Offers up to 2 years warranty
• Simple and easy to use
• Very convenient for traveling
• FDA-cleared for home use
• Not suitable for the body
• The FDA clinical studies were only effectuated on women, not men.

So, there you have it, our list of the top 5 best skin tightening machines for home use on the market. If you tried any of them or a different one, please share with us by leaving us a comment. We’re always looking for the best machine on the market. Now let’s get into the most common questions about the efficiency of skin tightening machines and how does it work.

Do Home Skin Tightening Machines Work?

The answer is a definite YES! Home skin tightening machines work and do an excellent job at it. They are also safe for use for users of all skin types.

How Does Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Work?

RF skin tightening uses electrical current to heat up skin tissue layers. This stimulates the skin’s production of more collagen (the body makes less of it as we age).

The more collagens you have, the easier it will be to fight wrinkles and sagging. You will end up looking a lot younger as a result.

How Safe is RF?

High-Frequency is very safe, perhaps even safer than even derma-rolling or laser treatments since it doesn’t cause tissue damage. RF doesn’t affect the melanin or skin pigment in any way, either. This makes it perfect for users of all skin types.

Does Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Work for Everyone?

Radiofrequency skin tightening works much better for some users more than others. It also works better on some areas of the body much better than others. Therefore, it might not be the best option for everyone who uses it.

How Often Do the Results Last?

You might need to visit a dermatologist once every six months. To get the best skin tightening results, three treatments each week are required. But you will start seeing results in about three months of starting treatment.

How Often Can You Use the RF Machine?

For the best results, it’s always best to plan for between three and eight treatment sessions. You can also go for treatment every other three to four weeks.

Collagen growth does not happen immediately after you’ve had RF skin tightening. Your skin gradually becomes tighter and better for the next six months of the treatment.

The Bottom Line
With all this in mind, what more could you ask for when looking for skin tightening products? Check out the above list of the top 5 best at-home skin tightening devices you can purchase.