How to Remove Blackheads – At Home Treatments That Really Work

Is there an effective treatment to remove blackheads? Which is the best dark spot remover product remover? I’m sure, you’re eager to find a solution and apply it immediately. As a person who tried many creams and serums, which supposed to be the best treatment for dark spots on the face, I thought I had the answer until I didn’t; from all the magic lotions I tried, none seems to be effective.

I got frustrated on spending so much money and time and thought, why wouldn’t I ask a professional on how to deal with removing blackheads? So, I’ve sat down with my good friend, dermatologist Elena, and she explained how they form and how should we act on them, and which are the most effective ways to remove at home blackheads. Let’s find out what she has to say.

How to get rid of blackheads – skin cleansing products and treatments

The first step, is of course, cleansing the skin.

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You all now by now that daily make-up removal is mandatory to get rid of blackheads. It is necessary to use professional products suitable for oily skin, based on salicylic acid, mandelic acid and chamomile. These ingredients have exfoliating and skin purifying properties. These products combine natural exfoliating acids with a complex of herbs and vitamins to remove dead cells and excess sebum and restore skin health.

Best Natural Home Remedies and Masks to treat Blackheads

Blackheads can be treated at home with the right products and natural remedies.You can easily do these in the comfort of your own home, and no need to go to a salon. Keep in mind, like any other natural remedy, you need to be consistent with your treatment in order to get results, This is not a short time solution. Now, which are the best natural remedy for you try at home to vanish the blackheads?

1. Baking soda mix

Start by washing your face with warm water to open the pores. Then, in a bowl, mix two teaspoons of baking soda with mineral water, until a paste is formed. Apply this paste on the areas with blackheads, and gentle massage, with circular movements. This paste alongside the gentle massage, will remove the dead cells and the impurtites from your pores. Don’t forget to wash your face after 5 minutes of circular massage, and to rise the face with warm water. You can apply a tonic lotion afterwords. You should do this treatment once a week.

2. Lemon juice and sugar mix

This is my personal favourite, Just mix the juice of half a lemon with one teaspoon of sugar, preferably brown sugar, and mix well. Rub this scrub gently on your face, for 2 minutes and insist on the blackheads area. Then rinse abundantly with water and avoid the eye area. Why lemon juice? Well is perfect for removing dead cells and helps with complexion. It’s advisable to do this scrub once per week.

Home made masks for removing blackheads

1.Egg white mask for blackheads

Start by separating the egg white from the yolk, and add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the egg white and mix them. Both ingredients of the mask have an exfoliating role, tightens the pores and eliminates the dead cells. After 15 minutes, peel off the mask. You’ll see how the blackheads are removed. Finally, wash your face with warm water and apply a moisturizing lotion to close the pores.

2. Honey and Cinnamon Mask

Just mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon until it forms a paste. Apply it on the face and try to leave it on as much as possible. Then wash it off with warm water. This mask can be applied on a daily basis for 10 days. It actually work and your skin will thank you for it.

3. Honey, oatmeal and tomato mask

The idea here is to make a paste with the juice of 2 squeezed tomatoes, which you’ll mix it with a teaspoon of honey and oatmeal. Once the paste is formed, apply out on the face and leave it on for at least 10 minutes. This mask can also be applied on a regular basis until you see the results you want.

4. Gelatine for the nose blackheads mask

Mix a tablespoon of milk with a tablespoon of gelatine powder in a bowl that will work well in the microwave,  because you need to heat the composition until the gelatine melts. Test to see how hot it is and then apply the mixture with a brush on the treated area. After 10 minutes you can remove it and you’ll se how the blackheads are removed from the nose.

As said before, these treatments requires consistency and dedication to see actual results. For fast and visible results, you should seek a professional in a clinic or invest in at home device which is effective in acne and blackheads treatments.

How to prevent blackheads; The Do’s and Dont’s

The best way to prevent the blackheads is by eliminating the excess sebum, by having a proper skincare routine which starts with cleansing and moisturise the skin with suitable products for your skin type.

  • Wash your face daily, in the morning and evening to prevent the accumulation of sebum. Don’t do it more than twice a day, or you risk to get an irritated skin, which can aggravate the problem.
  • Use a gentle face wash product and stay away from the ones that are comedogenic
  • If you have oily scalp, do wash your hair often, Hair oils promotes pore blockage.
  • Always remove your make up before going to bed. You need to let your skin breathe and remove the dirt and bacteria.
  •  Never use oil-free, non-comedogenic products, either is makeup products or sunscreen lotions.
  •  Never but never squeeze the blackheads if you don’t want to end up with scars and possibly with an infection.