Stay-at-Home Mum Looking for a Job? Remote Work is the solution

The pandemic have had a negative impact on many of us, but if there is a silver lining to it is that more and more companies decisded to switch to remote work and offer flexible job positions, which can benefit us, the stay-at-home mums.

Deciding to have children has meant for us women to make a choice: Motherhood or our careers. Luckily things are changing, we have options.

I remember, three years ago when I had my first baby and was looking for work from home jobs, there were like 3 jobs worldwide avaible. Now, there are hundreds of options for me to choose from, of course, based on my skills. But even for a stay at home mum, with no experience, there are still lots of remote jobs for you to choose from.

Here are some of the positions that would suit any stay-at-home mum:

  1. Blogger
  2. Content writer
  3. Consultant
  4. Virtual Asisstent
  5. Social media assistant
  6. Website or App Tester
  7. Transcriptionists

Where can you find these jobs? Here are some standard freelance website to find work from home

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Flexjobs
  4. Guru
  5. People per hour

As a working parent you are often forced to stay at home until the child goes to school, to cut on childcare costs. You most probably will be in a place to resign from your position and take the hit of being out of the job market for years. Usually, we women are making this decision and giving up our career.

What if there was an alternative? And there is: Remote work.

This was the solution for me. I knew I ddin’t want to move or commute, so I can save valuable time and spend it with my kid. But I also needed an extra income, and decided to look for at home job. I was lucky enhough to find a great company with a great culture, who are actually supporting recent moms and gave me the chance to work from home. Stay at Home Jobs like this are an excellent way to help mums like me keep our careers.

Now you might wonder, how can you have a work from home job and take care of the baby?

1.Start with a part time remote job

It would the best option for you to get a sense of what working from home it, and to adjust to this new life…working mum and stay at home mum 🙂

2. Set a dedicated workspace

I’ve been mentioning this, and will do it again just as a reminder because this is an important factor to be productive in remote work. Aditionally to a dedicated work space, you will need a good computer and a good netwrok connection.  Both crucial for working remotely.

3. Set up a “safe-zone” for your baby

Quite important to set up a ‘safe-zone’ packed with toys and activities to keep my baby boy busy. I set it up near my home desk, where I could keep a close eye. Time passed by, and my boy is 3 years old and I’m still a stay at home working mum 🙂

Of course things changed a bit, now that he is older. I drop him off at a daycare center, and I’m also the one picking him up  at the end of her working day. In my case, it worked, and I hope it will work the same for you. Just be patient and start with minimum tasks in the beginning, until you get back on track.

4. Make Time for Yourself

I know, this already sounds like a cliche in your head right now. “Again with making time for myself, I have no time” – every mum will think. I know, I used to have the same mentality. But then I didn’t. I decided to wake up quite early, even tough someitmes I felt I needed to sleep more. So I set up the alarm every morning at 6am, when everyone is sleeping and I get to have the entire house just for myself. I’m telling you, is the best part of the day for me. I get the alone time, where I can spoil myself with a good coffee in quiet. This already sets me up on a positive note on the day ahead. There are days when I also make time for a long bath and at home spa..where I get to pampaer myself and get into the anti wrinkle mission 🙂

Self care and work life balance is a must whrn working remotely, so this shouldn’t be missed. Make the time for it and it will be a life changer for you and your mental health.

Won’t you miss out on the social aspect of work when working from home?

I got this question quite often,and the answer is always no. Why? Because I do stay in touch with my colleagues, and do small talk on a daily basis. The only difference it is that is done ytough communication tools, and not face to face. And to be honest, is when I work from home, I always get to do more work from home than when I’m in a office. I think it depends on everyone’s personality.

I actually encoureged my recent mum friends to do the same as I did, and I’m happy that working from home is becoming an increasingly popular wai for mothers to maximize their working hours. My best friend, is a single working parent (I don’t know how she do it, honestly ) who works as a freelancer for clients around the world. She is top notch writer.

Things are changing

Women are more likely to be underemployed than men. Thanks to remote work, things are shifting towards benefiting women and we are here to experience it. Let me know if you give it a try and how it works for you. Would love to hear other stay at home mums experience with remote jobs.