Tired Face – How to deal with it and look your best in a Zoom meeting

“You look tired” is a phrase that no one likes to hear. It tells us, without room for misunderstandings, that we are not seen as rested, healthy or attractive: who needs this? No one. No person wants to hear that they have a tired face expression or tired-looking skin.

Obviously, a combination of stress, insomnia, the daily bombardment of social media and the news, family, work and health problems, and too many hours in front of the TV or watching Netflix is ​​taking a heavy toll on us. Here we bring you ways to recover from a tired face in minutes with a home routine and quick tricks to look stunning and ready for your zoom meeting.

Reasons Why Your Face Looks Tired

Tired complexion, emaciated face, dull skin and dark circles: what causes that tired appearance that many of you suffer from? There are many factors that cause fatigued features to appear on the face in recent times, and it is that, due to the high and serious levels of pollution that exist in cities and the stressful pace of life we ​​lead, we sometimes see in our faces are small signs of fatigue, whether we are older or not, because there are times when age has nothing to do with it. The well-known remedies for the tired face of any aesthetic clinic are the key to ending that tireless struggle to maintain a rested and young appearance.

In addition to all this we add that in cold seasons, due to the lack of light, dull and tired skin stands out more. It is very unfair for a woman to look at her face aged at 30 in the mirror, and with the reflection see the lack of sleep in any corner of the face. It is true that creams turn out to be a solution for the first years in which these signs appear, however, their effects take time to see and time passes and the signs of age are gaining expressiveness: the tired appearance is already immovable. But are you sure nothing can be done?

How to improvwe the “tired face” look

1. Specialized treatments

The majority of the population is concerned about the appearance of their face. Therefore, here we are going to give you some ideas so that you can see yourself with a fresh, young and fatigue-free face. Why not try considering a tired face treatment and rejuvenate and revitalize your complexion in just a few minutes?

We bring you the most common touch-ups among people who decide to regain the freshness of their tired and dull face with professional and natural results -and most importantly, they are noticeable- and be the envy of everyone around you.

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2. Blepharoplasty and contouring

To begin with, we have blepharoplasty without surgery, a method that improves one of the areas most affected by fatigue, which is the eye contour, since the skin in that area is very thin and wrinkles are more accentuated . Thus, applying the ocular restructuring technique, the bags of the eyes are eliminated without the need to go through the operating room.

There is also ‘contouring’, where the famous hyaluronic acid is used because it is natural, resorbable, integrates into the skin and is super safe. Thanks to this technique for recovering lost volumes, radiance returns to the face and dull skin and dark circles disappear permanently. In short, it is a substance produced naturally by the body and is present in the skin.

Its function is to retain water, contributing to the surface of the face or the area of ​​the body where hydration is applied and, of course, volume. With the aging process, this ingredient degrades and our body decreases its ability to replace it. The filling that is made is a gel that is applied to the skin by means of small injections to cover those most affected areas that are already seen with deep expression lines.

3. Bioplasty and peeling

Another solution that we propose to put aside the aspect of fatigue and a tired face is always the so-called bioplasty, a treatment that seems to come from the future due to its innovation and modernity. The results are noticeable shortly after having passed through the hands of the specialist, in addition to having only half an hour of session. And all without surgery! It consists of injecting, through a 0.5-millimeter microcannula, different substances that can be permanent or re-absorbable, such as hyaluronic acid, which returns to the load once more.

However, if what you want is to indulge yourself for a facial rejuvenation in record time and that is as less invasive as possible, peeling is a safe bet. It is a simple and effective solution that will make you see results instantly. Your tired complexion will regain that glow that you already missed.

4. Radio frequency treatments with home devices

A facial electrostimulator is an excellent complement to give luminosity and improve the appearance of the skin of the face. Facial electro stimulation will help you smooth and reduce wrinkles and increase the tone of the small muscles of the face.

A good facial electrostimulator activates your cells and increases collagen, improves blood circulation, increases the tone of the small muscles of the face and improves the elasticity of the facial skin.

8 Easy and Effective At Home Treatments

To hide the fatigue in the face we can resort to a series of tricks that will make our skin look fresher and more revitalized. Although they do not have a “miraculous” or similar effect, their application reduces that dull and exhausted appearance that we have, for example, after a bad night. Here are eight tips to deal with it:

  1. Refresh your body and face with cold water

Resist touching the snooze button on the alarm. Even if you feel and look like a zombie, take a cold shower, lather up with hot water, and rinse with ice water – this will invigorate you, smooth out superficial wrinkles on your face, and remove any brain fog. Would you rather relax in a warm bath? Wash your face in the same way, alternating cold, hot and ice water. The comforting cleansing of the skin with the hot water will smooth out wrinkles and the cold water will stimulate your circulation. Also you can aplly a few drops of oil on your face, and do a gently facial massage’ you can do it with your bare hands or with a gua sha tool.

2.Apply moisturizer while skin is damp

It is important to hydrate at the right time, with the right technique. Think of a “tired” face as an uninflated balloon, and a “rested” face as a round, inflated balloon. If you dry your face slightly and immediately apply your moisturizing cream or oil, the skin will plump up. If you wait five minutes, or twenty, it passes that absorption period during which the emollients work best. Apply the moisturizer with a gentle massage over the face, neck and décolleté for two to three minutes. This helps to relax the lines of tension in the skin and produces a radiant appearance.

3. Refresh your eyes in a matter of minutes

Clear up any redness in your eyes with eye drops. Then a caffeinated eye cream. To soothe and reduce puffiness and discoloration, find frozen peas or blueberries in the refrigerator and place the frozen bag on the lids for five minutes. Or try cold tea bags.

4. Simulate your best complexion

When you look tired, stressed skin becomes moody (sensitive, red and possibly flaky) or very dry (pale, yellowish), and fine lines and wrinkles appear to be deeper. Be as it may, a creamy and wet stick foundation will help you perfect your face quickly. Gently touch the stick where and when you need to on red, brown, blue or purple discolorations and with your fingers, a makeup brush or sponge, blend the foundation onto your face.

5. Apply blush instead of bronzer

Instinct encourages you to wear a tan and beachy tone, but wait. Don’t look for powder or self tanner. Those you can use on your best days. But to revitalize the glow on your face, apply a creamy pink or peach blush to give your cheeks a typical yoga class blush in no time.

6. Don’t put on a lot of makeup on your eyes, but don’t ignore them either

Now is not the time to sport smokey eyes – black eyeliners and dark brown shadows may look sexy at night in dim light, but during the day they will undermine you. To shine again, choose natural-colored shadows in light to medium shades of mauve or peach or a shimmering taupe. The combination of muted brown eyeliner and mascara and a pale, shimmering shadow on the lids restores the shape of the eyes and maintains the emphasis on them. Don’t apply makeup under your eyes, where eyeliner and mascara can emphasize puffy or wrinkled skin.

7. Shake your hair

Stretching or pulling your hair can exacerbate a fatigued look, especially if the hair is tied into braids or tails that are too tight. Always allow a few locks to hang loose or if you prefer ponytails, cut a light fringe. Keep your hair down, tousled, and free, and emphasize its texture, waves, or color. Yes, it is a distraction, but it is one that works and makes you look happy and upbeat. Consider making highlights around your face – they frame it in light right where you need it.

8. Dress in vibrant colors

A white blouse is a classic way to cheer us up, and black makes us feel slim and chic, but bright colors like orange, red, raspberry, yellow, and bright blue signal an energetic attitude. The same can be said for bold prints and stripes, even on scarves. When you feel a little down, cheer up with colors. You will feel better instantly.

Five Minute Solution to Get Rid of The Tired Face Look

Let’s say you’re already at work, a meeting, a party, or a restaurant when a “friend” says, “You look tired.” Find an ice cube and head to the bathroom. Rub the ice cube over your face and makeup (or gently touch it with hands soaked in ice water). This stimulates circulation like a cold shower. Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with cool water. Yawn to relax the jaw and remove tension from the facial muscles that aggravates wrinkles. Bend forward from the waist, run your hands through your hair, and flick it back. Unbutton your top to show off your cleavage, roll up the sleeves to show your forearms, or take off your jacket or sweater and go sleeveless – don’t let it all be about your face. If you can, take a short brisk walk. The movement produces a caffeine-like effect that makes you look more awake. Breathe deeply from your diaphragm for a count of five and breathe out for a count of five again. Sit down and stand up — not slouching — to appear more energetic. Add some trendy glasses and bright accessories. And smile, it’s like an instant face lift.

Leading a life full of commitments and responsibilities is not an easy thing. Stress, lack of sleep, and a poor face care routine can result in a haggard, lifeless, dark circles, and even ‘puffy’ appearance. For this reason, it is essential to find the cause and eradicate it by changing small habits that will have a great impact on your appearance. A good dose of daily exercise can go a long way. Also, do not forget to drink water as it keeps the skin hydrated. Dehydrated skin looks old and tired. Make sure you drink enough water every day