5 Work From home Essentials

Working from home is much more than having a laptop, headsets, and a good WIFI connection. Evidently, you need these things (and a good chair; your back is going to be so thankful for this).  Yet, other must-haves are not so well-known but can be very useful for remote workers.

Here are my work from working essentials that I sear by

  1. A dedicated workspace

When it comes to working from home, it’s better to have a specific space for work. Having a place for the single purpose of working helps you develop a mindset of getting things done. This dedicated space allows you to be more productive because is a good way to avoid distractions. No access to Tv, kids or pets.

2. Don’t forget to take breaks

 Research shows that breaks throughout the workday increase the workers’ level of engagement and boost creativity up to 81%. Petting your pet, watering flowers, listening to a good podcast can help you disconnect from work and thus prevent burnout. This is an essential thing to do when working from home. You should take a break at least every hr. Ideal is on every 20 mins, but that’s a no no for me…I never get to do the work in just 20 mins.

3. Declutter your mind

Having a visual board in the home office is an essential piece of gear because it allows you to have an overview of all the necessary tasks to get projects done. If you are more into virtual visual planers, there are great management tools for remote workers, with virtual whiteboards and schedules. If not, you can always make your own and set it up in your home working space to always keep your to-do’s in mind and to declutter your mind.

4. Plants do matter

Can this qualify as a remote work essential? Well for me, it does! Did you know plants increase productivity by up to 15%? Hell Ya! My house is full of plants 😀 A study from Exeter University demonstrated that plants can make you actively engage with your surroundings and can improve our memory retention. Pretty cools isn’t it? Also an ambient light or a home diffuser with lovely smelling essentials oil can boost your mood, and therefore productivity.

5. Yasss to chocolate

Dark chocolate (at least a 70% concentration) helps to improve blood flow to the brain, which means: Better memory, attention span, reaction time, and problem-solving skills. Studies suggest that consuming small amounts of dark chocolate also boosts the production of endorphins, which are the chemicals responsible for happiness. Also, one of its key components, magnesium, gets you ‘chilled’ hehe.

Other healthy snacks like walnuts, dates, almonds are also energy boosters you might want to include in your daily diet.

For me that’s it

For me these are pretty much the essentials things I need when I work from home, apart from the tech gear duh..Try to keep these in mind, to stay productive at remote work and please do share your remote work essentials.