Work from Home Self-care Routine

Work from home is the new normal for most of us, and it’s quite enjoyable to work from home until your pet cat throws up on your computer (yes this happened) and the power tools start firing in your building. That’s why is important to set a boundary line and distinguish between personal and professional, improve work-life balance as most people call it. A perfect schedule with a self-care routine is really necessary for maintaining our productivity and our sanity, in the end.

In this article we’ll cover working from home self-care tips that can lead to improve the quality of your work and a have a healthy work-life balance.

Self care tips to improve work-life balance and wellbeing when working from home

  • Consistent Sleep Schedule

For maintaining your quality of work, and avoiding your tantrums, you should have a consistent sleep schedule. Don’t binge Netflix all night, turn it off and go to sleep at a decent time at night and wake up at a decent time. Working from home surely increases your sleep, but you should adjust it according to what keeps you sane.

  • Morning Self-Care Practice

Morning Self-care practice is really necessary for helping to set out a tone for the day. Good breakfast and regular exercise boost the emotional resilience that working at home throws at you. A 10 minutes yoga workout can help you calm your anxiety and the “work from home” pressure that might can get on your nerves. The self-care during remote work can’t be completed without a good morning self-care practice. I always start my day with couple of yoga poses, to wake up the body and help the lymphatic system and believe me, it does wonder; to your body and mind.

  • Regular Breaks

It is one of the best self-care tips for working from home and food is your savior in these breaks. These regular breaks calm your nerves and maintain the focus on your work keeping the quality of your work the same. Apart from food, you can also make yourself comfortable by going for short walks around your building with your pet. Or a quick  short meditation break.

  • Keep up with the workout routine; from home

With this pandemic, most of the gyms are closed but this doesn’t mean you can’t keep you doing your workout at house. Of course, you might consider buying a weights set or weight equipment, if you want to pump up those muscles, but you can perfectly continue doing your workout at home. There are so many options online from which you can choose, you just have to do it. Here is a good example:

If you are not into working out, and hate the fitness videos, you can always chose to put on your happy song and dance for at least 10 minutes. That will make your heart happy and help you destress.

  • Healthy Meals and Snacks

Treat yourself to healthy meals and snacks. As you will work from home, it will increase your food intake as you will consider food as a necessity in those regular breaks. The snacks you are opting for should be healthy as the junk food might bloat up and make you lazy affecting your productivity. Also, don’t miss out on your foods and ensure that you are taking all the necessary minerals throughout the day. As a snack you can opt for dark chocolate, a fruit, a smoothie (this is one is my favourite), raw almonds, raw walnuts, raw carrots etc

  • Stay Hydrated

One of the best at-home self-care tips is to stay hydrated. As, it will keep your skin hydrated, nourished, and also keeps your mind calm as well. Drinking lots of water is the best self-care when working from home and also makes your skin glow; make your mind fresh, boosting and enhancing the productivity of your work.

  • Organize Work Space

The best self-care tips for working from home is to organise your workspace. Very important to have a dedicated work space where kids and pets have no access. It should be a home office space where you feel comfortable, and enjoy spending time; so make sure to customise it and make it pretty (office chair covers are a great to add a bit of color and personality to your home office ). This at-home self-care tip also maintains a boundary line between your professional and personal space.

When you leave your workspace, that means you also leave your work stress there. I heard one time in a podcast related to remote work, that after finishing their work day, he take a drive around the block, so he can disconnect from work. I tried it, and it helps when your mind is overwhelmed with work stuff.

  • Dress up for your Work

Dressing for work is important. Wear comfortable clothes, but don’t actually work in your PJs. It can make you lazy and affect your productivity to some extent. “Dress for Success” is really not a catchphrase, but is essential for people who are doing telework.

Dressing up correctly psychologically takes you in the work mindset and makes you ready for any type of work.

  • Discover your productive hours

Some of us are morning people and some like working in the evening. So, it’s really important to discover your productive time slots and set up your routine and sleep schedules accordingly. Being able to work on hors when you are most productive, is a game changer, believe me. For example, I always start my day early in the morning, and by 12 I finish the most important and difficult task that I have for the current day.

  • Don’t let your work stress spill into your leisure time

It’s the common problem with people working from home, that they don’t have a complete leisure time. But, it’s the most important thing to maintain. Bring your work to a close and don’t spill it in the evening so that you can refresh yourself and give your family and friends a stress-free “YOU” that is not ready to eat up everybody because of work stress.

  • Make a To-do List

When you don’t have a boss breathing around your neck every day, which usually happen when working remotely, you might lose track of your deadlines and work. But, a to-do list and a planner helps you in keeping track of your work. Update your to-do list every morning and keep sight of your priorities, tasks, and deadlines. This is a must if you want to manage your schedule properly. It works wonders, especially if you happen to have two remote jobs at once.

  • Reward Yourself:

Set goals for every task and reward yourself at the end of it. The idea of rewarding yourself at the end is quite effective and fulfilling. It is one of the best At-home self-care tips and gives you motivation along with the right focus on your work.

  • Socialize:

Working from home doesn’t mean you isolate yourself from everything. For maintaining your sanity during the telework and keeping your mental health good, you need to socialize. After your work hours you have designated for yourself, you need to go out and communicate with other people. This one of the best self-care tips for working from home don’t let the work get on your nerves and saves you from panic and anxiety attacks.

Skincare Routine while working from home

Skincare is often neglected by the people who work from home. Here is the skincare routine while working from home that will help in boosting and nourishing you.

  • Make Time for yourself

When it comes to self-care tips for working from home, a skincare routine is really important. The skincare routine while working from home includes mud masks, long baths, goblets of wine, lounging in bed until noon. Make the self-care your priority and find healthy ways, and a good skincare routine while working from home to make work into a meaningful activity and not a stressor.

  • 6 Step-Skin Care Routine:

Let’s just accept that maintain your skincare routine becomes difficult when your work from home, so here are the 5 step skincare routine that you can easily follow every day.

  1. Cleanse your face. If you are not wearing makeup, then a good face wash will do your work, but if you are wearing makeup then a cleansing oil and micellar water are necessary.
  2. Tone and Exfoliate your skin. You can use an exfoliating toner and it will do both jobs. Otherwise exfoliating your skin twice a week is necessary.
  3. Use your favourite facial home laser device to fight the aging problems in the comfort of your own home.
  4. Treat your skin with skincare serums as they have anti-oxidants and will also help you fade dark spots and brightening your skin.
  5. Moisturize your skin daily and you can use a moisturizer for extra hydration.
  6. The last step is the protection of skin, you are not going out but the lasers from the mobiles and laptops may affect the skin. So, use sunscreens and prevent damage to your skin.

Other than that, lots of water, healthy meals, face masks, eye creams, and skin moisturizers should be a part of your skincare routine as they are a need for work for home people.


Remote work has many pros and cons, but the above self-care tips for working from home will help you prepare for a more productive work along with the perfect self-care and skincare routine. Working from home might blur out the lines between your personal and professional space, and decrease your productivity. But a good skincare routine while working from home and the self-care tips will ultimately increase the perks of working from home and you will consider making remote work a lifetime career as I did.